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Pro Hair Salon

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3.6 Google Review
10061 McLaughlin Rd #4, Brampton, Ontario, L7A 2X5, Canada
(905) 846-9888
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Jan 21, 2019
First and foremost Lee is an amazing barber, and he's also the owner. Been going for 3 years and every haircut he really takes his time. Thing is, he's not the warmest or most personable guy, but if all you're looking for is a great haircut then he's your guy. Always busy (they dont take appointments) so you're left waiting around an hour or two. The rest of his staff is garbage, ESPECIALLY the dude who works at the end on the right. Avoid him at all costs!!! Ultimately stopped going there, as now Lee charges double for his services in comparison to the other staff. I just needed a quick 2 minute trim one day to clean my flyaway hairs, as I've been growing out my hair, and he still wanted to charge me $35. Ridiculous considering I've been going to this guy for years, and shows he doesn't really value loyal customers. My tip: Lee is the only proper barber there, and since you'll be waiting around, not to mention getting charged quite a bit, this isn't the barber to go to if your getting your haircut every couple weeks/month. Only go if you need to look good for a special occasion, otherwise find another barber.

13 months ago
I gave this place a chance when it first opened up because of how close it was to the house. I was able to go in and get a quick shave and hair cut for 25$. In and out in 45 minutes. In the past I would recommend this place to others due to the owners request to bring in new customers. I did and a lot of my buddies starting coming here. I would go in every other Wednesday at 3. Eventually the place got busier, as it would, and the wait times started to increase. It started to take 3 hours for just a hair cut that now cost 20$ alone.. since i had made some report with the owners and they knew i was a regular customer i asked for an appointment time in order to be able to be in and out quick.. the lady at the front said find another barber if im not happy... so i did.

12 months ago
Incredibly long wait times with no appointment options. 1 decent barber out 4. Minimum 1.5 to 2 hour wait times on a good day. They recently implemented a check in list that they do not follow. Further more there is no consistency in their cuts. If u feel like blowing your afternoon listening to FM radio this is the spot for you.

10 months ago
This place is terrible today around 5 i wanted to get a haircut so i went to pro hair salon and after 20 mins a lady came and said im going to give you a haircut so i went and asked her for a 1 faid on the sides, don't do anything to my hairline and a comb over and she didn't give me a fade and just made me pretty much bald on the sides and cut more than 90% of the hair i had on the top and cause its so shorf she didnt even need to comb it nd eventhough i asked her not to touch my hairline because last time she wrecked it she wrecked it again making it look weird . In conclusion dont go to this place .

9 months ago
Had appointment and was right on schedule, love my haircut.

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