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Applewood Village Hair Stylists

Applewood Village Hair Stylists

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3.9 Google Review
1077 N Service Rd, Mississauga, Ontario, L4Y 1A6, Canada
(905) 277-2274
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Google Reviews

Refresh Reviews 3.9

Sep 4, 2022
First time coming here for hair and I have no regrets! If you are looking to cut your hair and/or colour for a reasonable price, Michael will definitely do the job!! Michael took his time making sure my hair was properly done when cutting and colouring. He made sure I left loving my hair and feeling confident. He was not hesitant to fix something if I wasn’t feeling it, which ensured me I was in the right hands. I am obsessed with how the cut and colour ended up and I cannot wait to go back!

Apr 5, 2022
I went to this salon for a simple haircut. I showed Ana a picture of what I wanted & asked her to please not cut it too short. Just a trim. She proceeded to cut the way she wanted & I now have 1/2 inch of hair over my entire head. First time I ever cried when I got home from a hair salon

Jul 2, 2022
If you are looking for a skilled hair stylist in Mississauga, look no further! Anna is absolutely fantastic! She has been doing my hair and my teenage daughter's for about 4 years and we have always been thrilled with the results. We have had cuts, colours, balayage, highlights, blowouts, styling... a full range of services, and each and every time we have both been thrilled with our hair. Anna takes the time to attentively listen to what you want before she starts. Throughout the process she confirms that you like what she is doing, for example, confirming length before she actually cuts and showing you colour swatches. Once she is done she shows you your new do from all angles and is happy to amend anything, ensuring that her clients always leave completely satisfied. You can really tell that customer satisfaction is extremely important to her and that she takes great pride in her work. Anna is skilled at all types of styles for all age groups. I am in my 40s, colour my hair jet black, and prefer a more avant-garde severely angled, textured bob. My daughter is in her teens, has very long brown hair and likes warm blonde and light brown balayage highlights. Our styles could not be more different, but Anna does both of them flawlessly. We also have a close male friend who swears by Anna for his haircuts. There is truly no one whose hair she is not able to do and do well. Anna also gets to know her customers lifestyles and takes that into account; she is conscientious of the fact that neither one of us has a lot of time to spend doing our hair in the morning and ensures that she cuts our hair in such a way that it is quick and easy to style, and also grows out nicely in case we're a bit late going back for upkeep. My daughter recently had Anna style her hair for a special event. Anna executed exactly what my daughter had envisioned. My daughter felt great about herself and received many compliments. She is a warm and friendly lady which makes going in to have our hair done a very pleasant experience. Her prices are fair, and the salon is always bright and clean. There are also estheticians who work in the salon and we have had our nails done there after having our hair done by Anna. They do all types of manicures, pedicures, waxing and other aesthetic services, so you can truly have everything done in this one salon. It really is one stop shopping for the whole family which saves you the time you would otherwise spend running from salon to salon. I have tried many other stylists and many other salons in Mississauga and this is definitely my favourite. Anna is the only stylist whom I trust to do my hair, and my daughter feels the same. Thank you Anna, for years of great service! We will see you again soon.

Jun 29, 2022
Had my haircut done by Anna and it was the worst cut ever. My husband laughed when he sow me bec my hair is curly and it looks like man cut. I told her few times not to cut too short , show her picture and she did opposite. Im still mad when I see myself jn the mirror… short man style and no profile. Absolutely the worst hairstylist 😱

Nov 16, 2021
I've been seeking a new hairstylist because my regular one moved away recently. I made an appointment here for a colour and cut and upon arriving, I was greeted with an "oh my god" and before even reaching the front desk from the door, I was told that they didn't have the colour I wanted (I currently have a 4.88 colour), meanwhile the colour I have is not what I was looking for. She asked me who did my current colour, and I told her I had done it myself. She blatantly scoffed at me in response. I then continued to tell her that it was not box dye, and I had used Schwarzkopf Igora. Sure, I never went to hair school, but I know when someone wants to go several shades darker than their current colour (particularly when they want nearly black) it's relatively simple compared to trying to lighten. Essentially, I was told that they don't have any dye with red hues in it and there was nothing they could do for me so I left. If this is the truth, that they don't have many colours, then they're an ill-equipped salon and I should have been asked some questioned before I booked an appointment and wasted my time driving here...but regardless of that, the attitude here is very unprofessional.


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