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Salon Bel'Hair

Salon Bel'Hair

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4.1 Google Review
1250 S Service Rd, Mississauga, Ontario, L5E 1V4, Canada
(905) 278-1770
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May 6, 2019
Bad service, horrible attitude and lack of basic customer service skills. The GIRL was extremely RUDE. Never coming back! Before and during the service asked her several times what color she has available but she ignored me. After partial highlighting my hair for an hour I was told they did not have my colour of choice and she did not have the time to colour any other choices. If I had known my colour wasn't available in the first place I would have just cancelled and left instead of overpaying for a service that could have been avoided if my questions were answered before and during. Wasted both time and money for a useless service! I have to go another salon to fix the mess left on my hair. The highlight itself was not done properly and I am left with gaps of natural hair on my roots instead of properly highlights. Throughout the entire service she did not ask if I liked what she was doing to my hair. Such a bad attitude! We were told the service will take possibly two hours to finish but then she ends up finishing in little over an hour and tells me she doesn't have time today, come back another day" Unbelievable! The girl in question quickly changed her attitude when another customer came in, all smiles and friendliness. The rest of staff in the salon seem to be nice however the hairdressor in question ruins the store reputation. Someone should tell the GIRL how to talk properly with paying customers!

May 5, 2019
Bad Experience and will never be returning again due to horrible customer service. My wife and I came in a week ago asking for their services for hair and we were greeted by two members of the staff very warmly and they answered all of our questions and left us with a good impression. We booked a partial hair highlight and I gave all of the information over the phone and was told everything would be ok. When we arrived to our appointment a couple days later, the Salon was near dead with staff hanging around, clearly not busy. One of the female hairdressers comes and grabs us and rudely tells us what do we want. We explain what we came for and the hairdresser starts rushing my wife and telling her that she can select her colour after bleaching the hair, which is very unusual for any salon in the first place, we just wanted to partial highlight not the full salon experience. After an hour of bleaching/washing and dry my wife asks again to see the selection of colours they have only to be told that they don't have the colour she wanted and also told that you needed to order beforehand. No one said this to us when we called and came in days before. After pressed one more time for other colours, the hair dresser tells her that "I don't have time to colour" and proceeds to move on to another customer who I assume is a regular due to how she greeted her, very warmly, nothing like what we got when we came in. All in all $85 was spent on a partial bleaching with wash and dry and told to come back in another time to "finish it". Unbelievable. I don't think the entire store is like that because of our interactions with the other staff the previous week when we came in for questions on services but that was horrible customer service and I can't in good conscious come back to this store.

Apr 20, 2019
Alex and his associates offer a professional experience with a personal touch. I've been going to Alex for over 5 years and would recommend him and his team to everyone looking for a consistent experience where they always exceed expectations.

Jan 14, 2019
I don’t usually write reviews but I Had an excellent experience here with Rachel I have been very hesitant about getting my hair permed/cut again as it has been messed up previously, After reading all the reviews I could find I decdied to give bel hair salon a try.. I’m so happy I did because Rachel did an amazing job! From the consult to just drying my hair! It’s a very comfortable and relaxing environment.. She listened to what I wanted and did exactly what I was hoping for :) She let me know step by step what was being done and was very gentle, I didn’t feel any tugging etc.. This has by far been my best experience , I 100% will be coming here from now on !

Mar 8, 2019
Sally did a great job cutting and styling my hair..pricing is fair


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