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I Love Travel

I Love Travel

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4.6 Google Review
337 Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2A4, Canada
(866) 627-8747 ext. 500
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Google Reviews

Refresh Reviews 4.6

Mar 14, 2018
organizers are super helpful and montreal was beautiful!

Feb 3, 2017
I was so fortunate to go on SnowJam 2016 to Whistler! I had a fantastic time I found both of the night events Campus Vacations organized was lots of fun! The Destination Staff were all fantastic at ensuring every student had their trip of a lifetime. Overall I would absolutely go again. This trip has been one of the most fun experiences I have been on!! :) I was thinking to go again to Whistler on SnowJam 2017 but unfortunately couldn't find enough room mates :( I found hotels were very expensive there but though Campus Vacations and I Love Travel I thought it was the best price for a weekend of snow fun, I highly recommend it!! I would definitely go on any trips I Love Travel organize in the future!

Apr 12, 2017
Awesome company. They're very passionate at what they do, and they definitely live up to providing youth with the #TripofaLifetime through the experiences made through travel.

Aug 24, 2017
As volunteer you are not covered under Labour Law. You deal with situation you are not trained in while owners get rich. Rampant underage sex and drinking.

Sep 22, 2016


The Pivotal Role of Women in the Temperance Movement Leading Up to Prohibition in North America

#whiskey #smithville

Historically, women have played an indispensable role in societal transformation. One such transformative movement was the Temperance Movement in North America leading up to Prohibition....

Smithville Whiskey

The Earliest Instances of Whiskey in World History

#whiskey #smithville

The history of whiskey, or whisky as it's spelled in some countries, is long and somewhat shrouded in time. While the exact origins of whiskey are unclear, we can trace its ancestry...

Smithville Whiskey

Carrie Nation: A Crucial Catalyst of the Temperance Movement

#whiskey #smithville

Carrie Nation, born Carrie Amelia Moore on November 25, 1846, in Garrard County, Kentucky, was a formidable figure in the American Temperance Movement, known for her audacious...

Smithville Whiskey

A Spirited History: The Role of Whisky During American Prohibition

#whiskey #smithville

Whisky lovers, get ready for a journey into the past, as today, we're delving into the intriguing role whisky played during one of the most dramatic periods in American history...

Smithville Whiskey

The Grain Game: How Grains Shape the Soul of Whiskey

#whiskey #smithville

Whiskey, a beloved spirit savored around the world, is a product of nature's simplest ingredients. At its heart, whiskey is nothing more than water, yeast, and most importantly,...

Smithville Whiskey

Creating Magic in a Barrel: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Traditional Whiskey

#whiskey #smithville

Hello, whiskey lovers and budding distillers alike! Today, we're taking a fascinating journey into the heart of the distillery to uncover the meticulous step-by-step process of...

Smithville Whiskey

Whisky 101: A Light-hearted Guide to the Water of Life

#whiskey #smithville

Welcome to Whisky 101, folks! Today, we're exploring the fantastic world of whisky, whisky, whiskey, and, yes, more whisky! Oh, did I mention whisky? By the end of this tour,...

Smithville Whiskey

Grain Games: The Whisky Character Playground

#whiskey #smithville

Hello, whisky wanderers! Ready to hop, skip, and jump into the rollicking world of grains and their whimsical influence on whisky character? From the robust charm of barley to...

Smithville Whiskey

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