Buick's Karate Dojo

Buick's Karate Dojo Claimed

3.7 Google Review
82 Sandiford Drive Unit 27, Stouffville, Ontario, L4A 3S3, Canada
(905) 832-0112 www.buickskarate.com
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Google Reviews

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Jun 17, 2017
Great Coach... and friendly home environment. Must try a free class you will. Ever want to leave from here. Teaches you a lot of discipline for kids and turn them into a new an amazing person.

Aug 16, 2017
My son enjoy the class so once he is happy am happy

Sep 29, 2017
Great SENSEI! Real Dojo!

Aug 25, 2017
Will the real Joe Buick please stand up, sooner or later his true colors come out, ask for past reference!!!!!!!!

Feb 8, 2017
Good coach, and friendly environment. We love it.

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