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46 Terry Dr, Sugar Grove, Illinois, 60554, United States
(630) 466-7414
Rocky’s Dojo and Gym offers karate classes for kids and adults, boxing instruction, and is recognized kickboxing school. We offer martial arts classes for all skill levels, sexes, and ages. No experience is necessary. We also have a weight-room for people just into getting fit. Rocky's Dojo is nationally recognized and is one of the Largest Karate Schools
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4 months ago

I love bringing my 6 year old son to his karate lessons

I love bringing my 6 year old son to his karate lessons. My son enjoys the training he is receiving. He has improved greatly with balancing and core strength. My son has developed new skills and is training consistently to earn his yellow belt. We enjoy the karate tournaments very much; my son's favorite part of the tournaments is the sparring competition.

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Dec 6, 2017
They are great with children. The Staff and the older students all show the passion to teach the art of karate.

Jan 5, 2017
Rocky's Dojo has been a great place for my kids taking karate. The sensi's have plenty of experience and are great people. Master Rocky brings so much energy to every class as well as all the classes he teaches. Master Ron (Rocky's Father) also has a great energy and works so well with the kids. The kids are allowed to go at their own pace and get out what they themselves put into it, but always encouraged to keep pushing forward. There is a great family atmosphere that weather a student or a parent of one feels apart of. There is a reason that Rocky's Dojo and Gym have been around for so long.

Aug 19, 2017
Great place to work out and have fun doing it! The owners and staff are awesome!!!

Dec 29, 2016
My boys have been going to Rocky's Dojo and Gym for karate classes since they were seven years old. They are now twelve years old and are third degree brown belts. Rocky is an extremely hands-on Master karate teacher and has a great rapport with various ages ranging from very young children, all the way up to adults. I can honestly say that my experience, and more importantly my boys' experience, with Rocky at his dojo has been better than I ever could have expected.

Feb 3, 2017
Edit: I applaud the owner of this establishment for maintaining the integrity of martial progression by dismissing the self promoted Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor. I have since retracted my poor review of this establishment. ------------------------------------------------ It is not unheard of for credible instructors to promote students purely for the sake of opening a school (they pay for affiliation, affiliation awards rank). This practice is many times independent of the school owners individual skill. So, given this fact, there is something to be said about someone who claims that there was not a single instructor who he could see eye to eye with out of the interest of his Jiu Jitsu progression, or just to obtain an affiliation status to add some credibility to his "dojo." So this instructor found it appropriate to instead promote himself to brown belt. I guess no one explained to him that when promoted legitimately, it is a symbol of credibility in the realm of both knowledge and execution for the reason it is based on judgement of the already credible. where as promoting yourself does the exact opposite, because you yourself are not established. The un credible cannot bestow credibility upon themselves. In short, the guys who gave you your purple belt who you so freely slander in your video, their word is worth a damn, because they have proven themselves. Your word isnt, so that belt is as legit as a contract written in crayon. Stay away from this fraud.

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Oct 18, 2021
Master Rocky Referring Fights in Kentucky Oct 13 – Dec 12 Master...

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