Perfect Definition Microblading, Permanent Makeup & Medical Tattoo by El Truchan in BANK

Perfect Definition Microblading, Permanent Makeup & Medical Tattoo by El Truchan in BANK

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England, EC3V 3ND, United Kingdom
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May 5, 2018
El is a magician no less! I had my eyebrows done first and loved it so much that I had my eyeliner done later. Now everything has healed, looks perfect and I am so happy! I can travel without a bag of cosmetics, because I look OK even without mascara. Yes, it is not a pleasant procedure, especially the eyeliner - but El was supporting and patient with me, I think everything went as smoothly as it possibly can. She is highly professional, I am very happy that my first permanent cosmetics was performed by her. The website is amazing by the way, there are all the prices, descriptions, gallery and a list of procedures. You don't need to 'leave your details and we'll call you back'. Plane and simple, very usable.

May 20, 2018
I could not be more happy with my semi permanent eyebrow makeup. Absolutely love it. Very natural and fresh look without any effort. I love being outdoors - climbing and sailing. Because I’m naturally blond I used to spend a lot of money and time on tinting and waxing my eyebrows, as applying makeup when being active outdoors is just not an option for me personally. Now - after semi permanent makeup - I don’t have to worry about makeup and can just get on with enjoying my activities.

Apr 24, 2018
El did an amazing job with my eyebrows. She listened to the look I was looking for (natural) and provided her recommendations on how to improve the shape. El provided all the necessary information so that I felt equipped to take care of my eyebrows during the healing process, ensuring that I get the best results possible. The actual procedure was simple and painless, and I am very happy with the results. I would definitely recommend El to friends looking to get this procedure done, and will surely come back to El when I need my next touch up! Thanks El!

May 12, 2018
I could not be happier with my eyebrows! From start to finish, El made me feel relaxed and confident in the process. I wanted my brows to look natural and fuller and that's exactly what I've ended up with. I've been inundated with compliments and all my pals are asking for her details. Could not recommend her highly enough. Thanks El! x

Feb 18, 2018
Amazing service and amazing results! El is the nicest, most thorough perfectionist I have ever met- and this reflects 110% in her work! I had had micro-blading in the US a few years ago- and was slightly concerned that the faded lines from this would somehow affect a re-application, however, not only was El able to completely incorporate the slightly faded results- the shape, fullness and colour of the end results was just astounding. El's work has created two perfect, symmetrical brows that define my face- and mean I get to save time in the morning filling out my brows. El was kind, thorough- and above all a complete master of her craft. I could not recommend her highly enough- best results I have ever had! Thanks El- and for anyone looking for the best- look no further, you've found it!

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