Dr Greenacre Paul

Dr Greenacre Paul

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152 Gloucester St, Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 0A6, Canada
(613) 234-5758 www.dolphindentistry.com
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8 months ago

Keep looking

1.0 star rating 4/2/2019 Safe yourself a lot of misery go directly to college of dental physicians website and search his name. BOOM. A whole list of cases that he is currently charged with and ALL the ones he's already been disciplined for. I was shocked that he still has a license. Another thing he is only licensed as a GENERAL dentist he therefore not LICENSED to perform any type of specialty services. "which he is supposed to inform his customers of. I would never have left him preform any of these treatments that he claimed to be the best at in the Ottawa area. He loves to brag about his YouTube stuff, books he's written, even a WORLD CLASS SPEAKER AND PERFORMER you can hire by the hours, seriously! Check out the website it's worth the laugh. Well anyways who cares YOU ARE NOT A LICENSED specialist. I found him extremely full of himself. I also think it's unprofessional for a Dr to try and sell himself, his services and pressure his customers into making hasty decisions.

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6 months ago
I have been seeing Dr.G for many years now. He's a great dentist with decades of experience and knowledge. Dr. G and the entire staff are friendly and actually care about all my needs. I have sent my famiy and friends there and would recommend anyone looking for a dentist who really enjoys what he does. Making people laugh, caring for teeth and gums.

8 months ago
Dr. G is the best dentist I've ever met. He is very skilled, knowledgeable, and reliable. He deserves a lot of respect for all the generous things he's done for the students in Ottawa. I'm so lucky that I met him.

6 months ago
I finally cut all ties with this dentist after multiple negative experiences. I went to Dr. Greenacre for a night guard and ended up with a very complicated and expensive ortho plan. Dr. Greenacre is not an orthodontist. Unfortunately, I agreed to this plan as I was referred to him by another medical professional, but as I underwent treatment it became apparent that everything was improvised as we went along. Every time I went to see him he had a different plan for my teeth and never remembered what we had discussed the previous time. Any time I would question a step in his "process", he would treat me like I was dumb for questioning his vision. He constantly spoke about his alternative view of dentistry and how he hoped to change the future of dentistry but in the end I just felt like a guinea pig. I also frequently experienced numerous long wait times -- sometimes up to 3 hours while Dr. Greenacre shuffled several patients at a time. I also always found the clinic to be quite dirty/ messy and on multiple occasions I would find Dr. G touching things with his gloves on and then returning to work in my mouth. I do not reccommend this clinic-- they seem interested only in your money. Dr. G will feed you a lot of technical jargon in attempts to convince you of a certain route, but please spend your money elsewhere and save yourself the headache. The only positive I can give is his technician/ dental assistant was fantastic and understanding of everything. I currently forget his name but he was the only saving grace.

11 months ago
Dr Greenacre is passionate and effective when it comes to improving the oral and general health of his patients. Through his laser therapy and regular dental care he has improved the health of my gums and my teeth reducing inflammation. He has provided me with life changing information on green smoothies and healthy eating which i have actually enjoyed following for over 5 years. I would never live any other way ! He has improved the quality of my breathing at night and the quality of my sleep which I view as a foundation of my health and also key to reduced inflammation. I could not imagine sleeping or living without these benefits. Mike is a great asset to the management of the office and the staff are highly dedicated. Thank you once again.

8 months ago
I would highly recommend Dr. Greenacre to anyone in need of a Dentist in Ottawa. I have been strategically researching how I can make the most of my Algonquin College dental care coverage and found Dr. Greenacre on a list through the college. They were able to make an appointment on my desired day and in my desired time frame. Dr. Greenacre completed all of the dental work (xrays, four fillings) really quickly and efficiently while taking the time to explain the technology that he was using and make sure that I felt comfortable. The office is a little bit older, small, and a bit crowded but the location is excellent, the pricing is competitive, and Dr. Greenacre is knowledgeable and passionate. He is personable and genuinely cares about his field of work and research. I learned a lot!

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