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1467 Gordon St Suite #204, Guelph, Ontario, N1L1C9, Canada
(519) 827-5191
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As top mortgage brokers in Canada, we have helped thousands of clients achieved the dream of owning their own home. Whether it's improving cash flow or building wealth through owning multiple property, at Price Team we have amazing solutions for improving your financial life.
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Aug 19, 2018
Very positive experience. Jenn helped me think of a different way to handle my home refinance that would allow me to not only pay off existing debt, but also to arrange for some extra money to conduct some investing. This advice was invaluable and has completely changed my financial outlook for the better. She also educated me on the long term benefits of taking a variable interest rate over a fixed rate. Thank you Jenn.

Sep 21, 2018
Price Team came highly recommended as a Mortgage partner, and Amanda has been such a welcoming mortgage professional, and lending her advise on the current mortgage trends in the market. A very capable, and forward group of professionals.

Aug 22, 2018
Was in a time crunch after the bank decided to pull out at the last second and Price managed to get me a mortgage in time to save my purchase.

Feb 15, 2017
The Price Team was instrumental in helping me to get the best mortgage possible. I'm self employed and they helped navigate that particular challenge quite easily. I'd definitely recommend them. Thanks to Tracy, Jenn, Laurie and Jim!

Feb 27, 2017
Jennifer and Tracy are fabulous to deal with. I sell Real Estate and I would recommend my clients to the Price Team always.


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    Nothing more frustrating than no one answers the phone. We answer the phone, live with a dedicated broker ready to answer your questions.
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    After helping thousands of clients achieve their dream of owning a home, we are now recognized as Top Brokers in all of Canada.
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    Isn't it easy to be kind and friendly? We are here to help with our warm friendly team members.

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