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29608 57th Pl S, Auburn, Washington, 98001, United States
(253) 946-4158 www.aardvarkrooter.com
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Nov 9, 2017
Aardvark did an awesome job replacing our leaking hot water heater and clearing up a pair of slow drains. Honest advice, reliable and friendly service- oh, and they were right on-time and did a heck of a job cleaning up...left it better than they found it- not sure you can ask for much more than that. Very grateful for the excellent work they did and will call them again in a heartbeat for anything plumbing related!

Jun 14, 2017
[UPDATE] After a few more interactions with Aardvark, I have less positive things to say about them. Their prices are pretty high and the quality of your interaction is entirely dependent upon which one of their employee comes to your house. I've had the original guy come 3 times, he's always been great. But on 2 of those occasions another employee has come and he's been less than helpful and often times straight out condescending. So, your milage will vary. I'd use them over Roto Rooter if I was in a pinch, but generally I'll go to an actual plumber first if I can. ------- After some heavy rains that resulted in my outdoor drain backing up into my garage, I called Aardvark to see if they could clean out the drain. Of the several companies I spoke to about the issue they were the only ones who came out to see the issue in a timely fashion. They also had the best price. When they came to do the actual fix, they had recommended jetting out the drain, the service technician decided that he'd try to cable the drain first to see if he could get it clear - since that's cheaper than having to run the jet machine. He was able to clear the drain with the cable and I saved $140 because of his forethought and he gave me a 90 day warranty on top of that. All of my interactions with them have been positive and they seem to really care about doing the right job to fix the issue rather than the one that will cost the most. I will call them first the next time I have a plumbing issue.

May 8, 2017
We have great difficulty uninstalling a leaky shower faucet. When the plumbers from Aardvark Rooter arrived, they noticed we had inadvertently damaged part of the valve. They could have told us there was no recourse but to replace the whole valve--a costly repair, but they didn't. Instead, they informed us there was a good chance the damage was superficial and went ahead with installing a new faucet cartridge. Everything worked and they saved us from a more expensive repair. Highly recommended!

Jun 11, 2013
If you're looking to keep it simple, keep it affordable, and work with folks that can be straight with you (and, I'm always looking for these), then Aardvark Rooter is the way to go. I've used a few other plumbing/drain cleaning companies, but never quite felt like I could trust what they were doing. My one repair with these guys was enough to make me a future customer. Fred was great on the phone and very forthcoming with how they work and setting me up with an appointment, and Frank came out and took care of what I wanted done, but wasn't afraid to suggest a couple of things that would be even better for me. We had a toilet and a vanity installed (they also made sure to check my drain situation). Frank kept everything quick, efficient, and wasn't afraid to answer questions. He suggested little extras, like new angle stops and handled everything I needed with ease. Pretty dang affordable too. If you live in the South King/Pierce county areas and are looking for a good plumbing and drain cleaning expert, you should give these guys a shout.

Nov 8, 2016
Would give them half a star if I could. Discourteous and unprofessional would be the words I would use to describe them. After they missed two previous appointments, we had scheduled a third for another week later. I called the day before to confirm the appointment, and was told that I wasn't on the schedule. When I asked "why" I was told that they were "waiting to hear back from me." I had told them specifically during our previous conversation that a week out was farther than I would have liked to start repairs on an ongoing leak (especially after making me wait already), BUT to set the appointment anyway and if I found someone to come out sooner I would call them back immediately to let them know. Not only did Fred not put in the appointment on his schedule, he wouldnt even take responsibility his mistake. Nor did he propose any type of remedy. Certainly, I must of sounded a bit frustrated over the phone, but i wasnt rude with him. Instead, he told me, "I don't want to work with you," and then hung up on me. I may be crazy, but not exactly what I would call exemplary customer service. Half a star, and that's being nice.

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