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145 Richmond St W, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2L2, Canada
(416) 955-1455
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Apr 8, 2018
It is hard to think of a meal I have hated more in my life. This is the worst value food in the city and the restaurant is the epitome of everything that can be wrong with an expensive restaurant. It is overpriced and inexcusably bad. The most significant issue is that the food here is bad at any price. The steak is designed for people with money who think they like steak but really only like butter. It is covered in butter, leaving any nuances in the meat completely inaccessible. No chef who respect the product they are serving would attempt to pass this off as a high quality steak. It would not be surprising if the meat cuts were not as advertised since it is impossible to taste. To top it off the steak is served on a tiny plate (likely to trick the eater into thinking the prices here are somehow justified) covered in splattered grease and charred butter. It is an ugly experience. The side dishes are somehow worse. We tried the completely adequate French fries (the only thing we ate that wasn’t outright poor) and the completely awful Brussels sprouts. The sprouts were undercooked and, continuing the theme, over buttered. There was no nuance or surprise in their taste, just badly prepared butter. The barbecue shrimp was, of course, just shrimp in butter and some type of Cajun sauce (or was it Thousand Island dressing?). At long last there is the lobster tail. It is, hold your surprise, covered in butter. And in what must be a cheeky piece of performance art it is served with an additional 100ml of melted butter. One can only assume this additional butter is mean for those who like to chase their lobster with a shot of butter, helping speed up the inevitable cardiac death that one wishes will come as soon as possible if only to end this nasty experience. If the food were free it would be offensive. But it is not. It is so absurdly overpriced one can only assume there is a bet at corporate over how much customers will be willing to pay before they burn the place down. There is simply no excuse because other competing steakhouses offer a solid experience for half the price. You couldn’t get out of her for less than $200 short of robbing the register on your way out. The only justification I can think of is that they use some type of exclusive butter from Provence which, at a couple pounds per dish, drives up the cost. Ultimately I cannot state how awful my experience here was. I will say the staff were friendly, if overbearing. Their ability to act like they weren’t working at the worst of Toronto restaurants was remarkable. Pick any respectable restaurant in a Toronto and you will spend less and receive far more.

May 11, 2018
Great food! The staff could have been a bit more focused on the service. Overall, I love this place when I feel like a great steak and a beer. You will love this place!

Apr 21, 2018
Came here for my partner's work event as I am vegan and wouldn't choose to go to a steakhouse however they made me a special meal and Kim had exceptional service as well as a gentleman with an English(?) accent but I'm writing this review 4 months after visiting so I apologize that I have forgotten the gentleman's name. Thank you for making my experience as painless as possible--I know I'm not your ideal clientele--I appreciate everything so much!

Apr 18, 2018
I have been to several Ruths Chris throughout the US and decided to give the new location near Pearson Airport in Toronto a try. It started off very promising with a nice table for four in the corner near the fireplace and window. At 1:30 pm, the restaurant was practically empty, so I assume this is not a busy place for lunch. So we were seated and feeling good. Our waitress came over about 5 minutes later and welcomed us. She asked if we wanted bottled or ice water and if we wanted any drinks. So far so good. But that's where things went down hill. We had asked for some bread and the waitress said someone would bring it to us. We looked at the menu and decided on lunch. We waited close to 20 minutes before we flagged down the waitress saying we were ready. We had not gotten any bread by then. We placed our order and after another 20 minutes, the food came. My guests ordered the lunch specials with steak and I ordered the steak sandwich. The steak sandwich was smothered with a bearnaise sauce (or something close). I took a bite and it was a bit cold, but tender. After brushing some of the sauce away, it was clear that the steak was prepared rare. I had asked for medium rare. When a runner came over to see what the problem was, I showed him the steak and he said "that's rare", what did you order. In terms of staff, we weren't quite sure who was taking care of us (besides no one for the first 20 minutes). There was a waitress, a bread runner, a water runner and a second waiter. And then the manager came over asking if he could get us any more bread with an overzealous, "I'm going to make everything better" tone. We appreciated his effort but when he said "the whole team is here to help you", we had to laugh. The "team" as far as we were concerned were out of sight for quite a while. Overall my recommendation to this location and every other place that doesn't get it, is get some bread on the guests table as soon as possible. Guests get to the restaurant hungry and when people are hungry, they get irritable. The Manager was nice to address the situation on the final bill, however I would never have expected service to be an issue at an upscale steakhouse. Especially when they were not that busy. I guess it's back to The Keg across the street.

May 7, 2018
Always great service, fantastic food. Lobster bisque is quite creamy. Super steaks on very hot plates.

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