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211 - 7885 6th St, Burnaby, British Columbia, V3N 3N4, Canada
(778) 288-8361
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With more than 95 clinicians in over 50 convenient locations offering 29 languages, we will make sure to book you with the best fit counsellor tailored to your needs. Together we have helped almost 10,000 individuals, couples, and families meet their goals.
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Aug 3, 2018
Polly was absolutely wonderful. I do plan on revisiting, however my sessions with her thus far have been nothing short of life changing. She has helped me tackle some really difficult struggles with my family, and I am so grateful for the insight and tools she's given me to get healthier. I am happier today thanks to her, and have the confidence I desperately needed. Polly is genuine and kind and full of insight and knowledge. She was polite and helpful and always made sure that I was conformable. Honestly, taking counselling with No Fear is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. I truly feel so much better about my future, and myself, and my ability to forge ahead.

Feb 7, 2019
Maggie is a great counselor that I would recommend to anyone who's looking for some guidance and support.

Oct 30, 2018
No fear Councelling has been helping me regain tools to be positive with my life. Helps me through my anxiety. My councillor has been great so far. I don’t feel I’m anywhere near in the clear of my problems, but everything has helped me stay as positive and as strong as I can

Jul 11, 2018
Counsellors and office settings are very comfortable to be in. Never felt so comfortable in such a type of setting. Also, the counsellers are very approachable, professional and courteous. Absolutely helped me be a better individual... I highly recommend this clinic.

Jul 12, 2018
I was in a vehicle accident 2 years ago and have been having trouble trying to trust drivers. However, I was directed to No Fear counseling and had a wonderful counselor who helps me to be able to come to terms with what happened to me. I am very grateful to have met with her and I treasure the help she has given me.

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Apr 19, 2020
Volunteer counsellors supporting their local community
Apr 19, 2020
Conflict Resolution in Work and Romantic Relationships


  • Friendly
    We are here around the clock to meet your needs with a full time intake coordinator that will listen to your issues and match you up with the best fit counsellor.
  • Trust
    We have collectively worked with over 10,000 clients since 2014, with over 5000 being motor vehicle accident survivors (ICBC). We have the experience, compassion, and abilities to help you no matter what you are struggling with.
  • Value
    we have over 95 counsellors with diverse qualifications to meet any need you may have. Our cost ranges from $40-$160 based on experience and education of the therapist.

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