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3511 Colen St, Port Bruce (Aylmer), Ontario, N5H 2R2, Canada
(519) 765-3151
Family and Pet friendly Trailer Parks in Port Bruce for travel trailers, park models and RV's - Bee Line Park#1 is along the Catfish Creek channel and Bee Line Park#2 is a few minutes walk from the Port Bruce Beach of Lake Erie
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May 22, 2019
Have been in this park for many years and love the changes the new owners have done. It is a place for friends to get together and kids to enjoy. I am expecting my first grandchild and can’t wait until it grows up enjoying the park. The park was in need of changes as it was getting to be a wild party place and now I find it’s a family oriented place where kids can be kids and enjoy themselves. Love being there.

May 10, 2019
Been visiting the parks for over 30 years. Hard to believe some of the reviews about the park. The best thing that happened to the park was getting the new owners. This year has been a wet spring too so its been slower to clean up after the winter months. The park is neat and tidy and showing several upgrades. They are doing everything to update the park. Its unfortunate mother nature has not been on the good side. the parks have great friendly people and is clean. Great time to relax and unwind! Keep up the amazing work Gerald and Nancy!

May 5, 2019
parking liability here, i require handicap parking, and there was no option, i had to park in a rutted place that had lots of mud and my wheel chair got stuck and i nearly fell out of my chair. My friend has been staying in this park for years and the owners Nancy & Gerald are true bullies, they make people feel like your in a concentration camp rather than being on vacation. even though they will tell you before you buy that you can sell your trailer and then change there minds after to not being aloud to sell at all. I would strongly recommend finding another trailer park where you will feel you are valued for the amount you invest in your home away from home.

May 2, 2019
Port Bruce is a beautiful place but I don't recommend that you choose this trailer park as your place of residence, you will regret it, been here many times while the old owner was running the park it was a lot more calm and had a family atmosphere, since the new owners have taken over the rules here are seemingly pulled out of a hat, the new owners Nancy & Gerald are unprofessional, ignorant and don't trust your children to run and play in the park Gerald when hes driving his newest toy of the week around the park, majority of the time he is drunk and will knock over anything standing in his way. If you know whats best for you, you will choose another park. sending love and light.

May 2, 2019
I am a traveler from Ottawa and have been to many parks all around the world, however I was very disappointed with this park, if i could i would put 0 stars. I only spoke to the owners once and they were very rude and unaccommodating and i will never return here again, port Bruce truly is a beautiful beach other than the fact that you need to walk through a minefield of poison ivy and oak before you get to the water from Beeline trailer park. I also was demanded to park my vehicle in there parking lot which looked more like a trash yard, with a poop pump, boats, garbage heaps and was filled with gravel holes.( I've included a photo) I ended up parking on the street because I've been told the male owner of the park doesn't drive safely. we also were informed the park for the children was recently updated did our children didn't want to play at it because it was so run down and my children weren't having fun (I've also added photos of it) Happy trailer park hunting.

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We will reopen for the camping season on Saturday, May 9th 2020

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