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10126 100 Ave, Grande Prairie, Alberta, T8V 0V5, Canada
(780) 532-4638 (780) 538-4522
Grande Prairie Animal Hospital has been providing pets in Grande Prairie and the surrounding areas with the highest quality veterinary services since 1978! We are an AAHA accredited veterinary clinic. Grand Prairie Animal Hospital: high-quality, compassionate veterinary services provided with courtesy and respect.
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Mar 13, 2018
I previously found this place to be good and vets seemed to care. Until I recently lost a dog after a dental surgery. Lack of communication between vets and no real consideration to my pets health issues. They only focused on routine and not my dogs special case. Also passing the surgery onto a vet with no knowledge of my dogs case until the morning of surgery. I was informed she was higher risk but also that measures would be taken to ease recovery. I don't feel appropriate testing was done in advance and her death could've been avoided. Also the lack of compassion from the ladies in front when I had to come back in tears to pay her bill. I'll never step foot back in this place again.💔

Mar 26, 2018
Had our cat spayed here and we were concerned about her health before being put under and then offered us blood work to check and make sure things were all normal and since they were we had her spayed. She did have some issues afterwards which we were told to possibly expect and I called back several times to get advice and even brought my cat back in a couple of times. Each time they checked her over for me at no charge and told me what to do for her and now we have a healthy spayed kitty. They even helped us with figuring out her skin issues which 4 other vets couldn’t figure out and none of which offered us blood work to look further. We are very happy with our very Dr.Oakley there she’s amazing and we have an appointment for our pup to get his first shots and I’m sure that will be a great experience as well. Highly recommend these guys

Jun 6, 2018
We took our Shih Tzu's to see Dr Angela Oakley to get their shots. One passed here at home. The other? She went quickly. She got heart disease and within a week of diagnosis, we knew, it was time. Dr Oakley was amazing with us as we euthanized her. She explained everything as she was doing it and was quiet and let me hold Sola, and let her know I loved her and will see her again as she passed. Now we take our Rottweiler in to see her. Soon, we will be taking our new puppy to see her. She is the best! She is caring and has a heart of gold.

Dec 28, 2017
There seems to be a lot of 0-100 comments on here. Maybe it's just the specific vet you got. However I had my new born puppy go here every month for her shots and Michelle was nothing but amazing. I brought her in to be fixed and they wouldn't do it because her liver was working to hard and they didn't want anything to happen to her seeing as it would have to work that much harder to fight off the anastetic. I brought her in a month later to do blood work and see how her liver was doing and they didn't charge me. They said "Well this is practically a follow up test so why would we charge you for that. Gotta make sure your baby is doing okay". I mean, how is that a vet that doesn't care? She then was played to go into surgery. They called me before and after it to let me know how she was doing. Even when I went to pick her up they were super friendly and helpful.

Dec 3, 2017
My chocolate lab today hurt herself to the point she was bleeding from the ears and worse yet was shaking those ears so hard it was causing more damage as well as causing blood spray. I went to two other vet clinics in town where I was told that no one could see her and that she would just have to suffer until Monday unless I wanted to wait a couple of hours and call in a vet as an emergency. For a $150.00 call out fee might I add plus what ever the treatment cost were. But the worst is she would have to suffer for 2 more hours. I finally found this clinic, where right away my dog was helped so she couldn’t hurt herself anymore and I was taught how to help her. I can’t thank the technician enough, he was caring and thoughtful. Exactly who you want helping your beloved pet when they are hurt. Thank you so much.

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