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5314A 46 St, Olds, Alberta, T4H 1B8, Canada
(403) 556-1151 www.oldspetclinic.ca
We are an AAHA accredited animal hospital for cats and dogs located in Olds, Alberta. From routine examinations and dentistry, to surgical care and diagnostic lab work, nutritional and behavioural counselling, Olds Pet Clinic provides complete care for you and your pet.
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May 22, 2018
Just went to this clinic. I will not be back. The staff was friendly enough, but this clinic is an absolute cash grab. I was not asked about dewormer for my dog but rather given it to me. They are VERY pushy on “others” and you will feel pressured into spending more money. In the future I will be making the hour commute to my vet who does not charge $20 for a nail clipping, but rather included in the price. I was also repeatedly asked the same questions over and over again rather than referring to the paperwork I had to fill out. Very disappointed that it’s all about the money here.

Mar 4, 2018
Treat my pup great. Thorough exam. Great advice.

Sep 12, 2017
Dr.Dixon is the best Vet! She is so kind and I trust her judgment with my pets!

Aug 8, 2016
Compassionate and caring. We recently had to put one of our beloved pets down and they were absolutely fantastic. They gave us paw prints for our kids and then we received a sympathy card in the mail from them as well. Being new to the area we have definitely found our new vet and will absolutely recommending them to everyone! Thank you so much to the Dr and all of the staff

Feb 3, 2017
This vet clinic is amazing. The staff are so caring for both you and your pet. Best experience I've ever had.

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Fri:9 am - 4 pm

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