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Harmony Veterinary Home Care

Harmony Veterinary Home Care

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5.0 Google Review
17678 58a Ave #101, Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 4C9, Canada
(604) 576-9440
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Feb 16, 2018
These people are unbelievable! woke up 2 days ago dog was pretty much unresponsive as she is dying from Hemangiosarcoma -rapid advancing cancer in dogs :( . They spend 3 hours with her giving her homeopathic remedies and within 1 hour she ate a few treats. 24 hours later my dog was able to stand up and go outside to do her business. I get the feeling these people actually care and aren't just out there to take your money. I would recommend this vet to anyone who cares about their animal and wants to get them away from "Big Pharma" Thank you very much to the wonderful staff at Harmony vet for taking the time to take care of my baby and helping her get back on feet (paws).

Feb 18, 2018
Our retriever cross unfortunately was diagnosed with Hermangiosarcoma a few weeks ago and the success rate of conventional medicine plus surgery (not possible for our furbaby because the mass is located under her left scapula) was very low. We also read that following surgery and no other treatments dogs lived an average of 89 days, dogs who received Chemotherapy following surgery lived an average of 180 days and those who took a more holistic approach with no surgery and no chemo but were taking Yunan Baiyao, Turkey Tail mushroom extract lived an average of 199 days while some lived up to one year! So we decided to come to Harmony to try the more holistic approach and I'm happy to say that we are very pleased we made the decision to take this route. We called on Tuesday February 13th because our dog Serena was pretty much non responsive, she wasnt eating, couldn't walk, her gums, eyes etc were stark white, we honestly thought the day was here, we were going to lose our baby ='( . Sheryl managed to squiz us in for the same day at 4pm (Thank you Sheryl and Andrea for taking us in on such short notice!). Once there Sheryl took her time in examining Serena, you can really tell she actually cares about the animals, she also gave Serena the Red pill out of the Yunan Baiyao pack which is for when they are non-responsive. Followed by Sheryl's exam was Andrea's holistic remedies, which I believe did wonders on Serena!. Andrea took her time in administering the different supplements/remedies all the while making sure Serena was comfortable (You can really tell they both care) after about an hour or so of Andrea tending to Serena she actually ate something and drank water!! Our furbaby although was still weak she even tried to sit up. We were amazed and happy all at the same time. At the end of our visit we booked our next appointment, which was yesterday (Saturday). Andrea created a health plan of what we can do to help Serena, she whipped up a fare amount of supplements and took the time to thoroughly explain what everything was for and how to administer and when. Serena was still not her self for a few days, she was walking a little but only when necessary (to go wee etc), she wasn't eating too much but you could see an improvement. We continued to follow the Health plan and gave all of the supplements/remedies as directed, kept giving her the Yunan Baiyao and Turkey Tail, sure enough Friday rolls around and she's walking, eating, going outside to take a wee with out having to sit down for 20 min once she got down the stairs because of the weakness, shes even rolling around in the snow and barking again, shes lively! When we went In for our appointment yesterday Serena didn't need to be carried in, she waltzed in like she owned the place lol. Everyone was so happy and astonished to see such an improvement, like I mentioned above we thought it was her time and she was leaving us. I truly believe that Serena regained strength not only because she has a strong personality and is strong overall but because of all the supplement/remedies and the Health plan. Thank you Sheryl and Andrea!!

Mar 10, 2018

Mar 10, 2018

Feb 6, 2018

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