Reactive Ink Tattoos

Reactive Ink Tattoos

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283 Augusta Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2M1, Canada
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10 months ago
Wonderful Medusa piercing! Great price! Fantastic person who did my piercing too 👍they were outstanding ... HOWEVER receptionist was very rude and disrespectful. I knew this before going into the shop because of other reviews I read about this location, yet I found it's more than poor customer service that was given. The receptionist used unprofessional and disrespectful language, and his attitude was poor. I called him on it because I do not put up with rude behavior and it did not make a difference. Reception is a very important job as you are people's first interaction and impression with the company. You want people to feel welcome and comfortable. The receptionist I met today clearly does not understand this. It honestly makes me not want to return despite how amazing the piercer was and how fantastic a price. Whether I would recommend this place to others? budget wise, it's great. IF you're okay with dealing with nonsense behavior, I would say just be cautious and aware of the attitude you're going to be facing before going into the shop, but don't put up with the nonsense behavior. Call this guy out on his rudeness.

11 months ago
Tyne is by far the best piercer I’ve ever had! Sure the front desk is a little hard around the edges but everyone is actually supppper sweet. Once I fainted in the shop and everyone was super helpful and gave me time to get better so I could leave!!! I’ve been to far worse places that were far more expensive just don’t be a jerk and you’ll get along fine with the staff! (Also I cant stress this enough Tyne is the sweetest and the coolest!!!)

9 months ago
Awesome place. The work was great and the staff were amazing. Will definitely be back.

9 months ago
First of all, the guy in the front was rude af and didn’t even look me in my eyes when I told him what piercings I wanted. It was safe to say he was a salty mf. Second of all the place was a DIVE and we had to sit on 4 stacked chairs beside a mop when we got pierced. Lastly the girl who pierced us literally did not let us finish our sentences before shutting down every question we had and was also RUDE AF and didn’t really consult us about placement. But hey at least it was only $20 right??

9 months ago
I went here for a piercing and it was awesome - $20 bucks? COUNT ME IN...jokes apart, the receptionist doesnt give af about anyone but then again why should he? you're paying 20 bucks so dont expect a $70 customer service ...the girl who did my piercing was very sweet and we were in/out within 10 minutes! Will definitely come back for another!

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