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151 Esna Park Dr., Markham, Ontario, L3R 3B1, Canada
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4 months ago

Best Winter Jacket Ever!!!

My wife and I are outdoor people and love to be outdoors in the winter months. I purchased an Arctic Bay Jacket last year and was amazed at how warm I was, even on very cold, windy days. I only had jeans and a long sleeve shirt on and was toasty warm for hours. I also like the fact the jackets are made in Canada vs. some of their competition in China. The quality is very good, the best I've had in a Winter Parka. I highly recommend purchasing an Arctic Bay jacket this winter. It will be a great investment!

12 months ago

Belleville Parka Womens

I made the purchase through Arctic Bay website February 2020. The website/order experience was good and I paid 880 CAD as it was on sale at the time (full price 1,320 CAD+tax). Now that I had a full winter season to test the product, I can say it was not good at all. I had tested it at -15C to - 40C, I wore 2 layers and 4 layers respectively and I was just OK, who wouldn't be with 4 wool layers? The website states this coat has Temperature rating up to -45°C/-49°F, while in reality it's not even near to it. The construction of the hood and collar is very poor. The collar is made of the same outer fabric as the outside of the coat, which doesn't provide any warmth to my neck and the hood is not warm inside made out of synthetic fabric and I had to line it with fur just to make it bearable. Hood has a wire, which is awkward and my cheeks are very cold. It's not good value for your money and I do not recommend this brand at all!

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18 days ago
got a labrador this winter
nice coat but the cold penetrates the seams, espescialy in the arms and arm pits, arms are somewhat smaller to helly hanson brand.. for the price i think it should be better.. i walk my dogs at -20 to -30 in timmins on, and the cold goes through by the arms and all the seams.. Robert.

19 days ago
Bought mens Toronto
Best dam jacket for the money hands A+++++++

2 months ago
Вниманию российских покупателей
Я получила свой заказ Mirabella Parka × 1 Truenorth / Red / XL 22.12.2021. Благодарю Вас за Товар отличного качества и приятный сюрприз в виде шапки и чехла для хранения. Хотелось отметить, что доставка отслеживалась на протяжении всего пути, чек и подтверждение заказа пришли через 3 минуты после завершения заказа 30.11.2021. Я брала товар размера XL, что соответствует российскому размеру 50. Мой рост 168 см, куртка доходит до колен. Порадовало то, что никакой коронавирус не влияет ни на качество Товара, ни на сервис. Рекомендую.

2 months ago
I'm grateful for Artic Bay!
Thank you very much for quick response of my order and timely shipping and delivery of my parka to Kazakhstan through the ocean and Europe despite I live in Central Asia. As well as I received a wool beanie hat and garment bag as a gift. The main thing I'd like to express no tax and no duties, though I expected to pay tax in Kazakhstan. But for my wonder and happiness I didn't pay anything in Kazakhstan after delivery. In addition it's vey comfortable to track your order with tracking number and you can be confident for safety of your order. Thank you again for the team of Artic Bay. Kind regards, Ainur Zhaketova Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan P.S. By the way Nur-Sultan is the third coldest capital in the world after Ulan-Bator in Mongolia and Ottawa in Canada.)

2 months ago
Nunavut parka
I bought a Nunavut Jacket last year: I have own many Canada Goose before and they are great but Arctic Bay are even better in many details. The most practical feature about that jacket is the huge hood that can unfold and protect your face against blizzard/snowstorm conditions, that makes traditional zippered funnels parkas unnecessary. The inside of the collar is fleece lined; a feature I like a lot. The down loft is very thick 👍 An extremely cold weather contender

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Nov 30, 2020
I have been looking into getting a made in Canada jacket and found Arctic Bay while doing my research. Prior to ordering, I emailed their customer service tons of questions all of which were answered in a timely and efficient manner. I ordered Toronto Parka and all I can say is wow! It’s a superb quality product and I’d highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you, Arctic Bay.

Dec 22, 2020
Stay away! This place is a scam, that is why there are only 5 star reviews! I purchased a jacket and within a week we had to return it. We returned the jacket 3 months ago and they just charged me for it AGAIN without authorization! Unbelievable. Stay away as far as you can.

Jan 6, 2020
I have had this jacket for 3 years now and just got my daughter one to and we love our jackets so much will recomend this jacket to everyone and its soo unbelievable warm will choose this jacket over a canada goose jacket anyday

Feb 12, 2018
I’ve had the Arctic Bay winter jacket for 3 years now, and have to say that the combination of quality, warmth and design is SUPERB! Before, you’d have to pay me to walk in the park in the frigid temperatures like -20C. Now, I volunteer for these snow adventures, walking and playing in the beautiful wintry forests and parks. So much so, our entire family now owns a jacket each! Kudos to the entire team who created this lovely and warm jacket, and if you are looking for one, don’t think twice - Arctic Bay jacket will definitely be the one to keep you warm and toasty and let you enjoy our Canadian winter to the fullest :)

Feb 12, 2018
I presently own one and wear it for past 7 years. Tested under extreme weather -38C degree in Quebec City this holiday season and its kept me warm all the time. Highly recommend to get one. Money=Quality+Comfort

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