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151 Esna Park Dr., Markham, Ontario, L3R 3B1, Canada
(800) 510-8735
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3 months ago
Alaska parka
Kris P. I have bought an Arctic Bay Labradore parka. Not a huge brand like Canada Goose , but way better in my opinion, very warm and top USA fabric and huge size fur,many small detailes., all this make my parka look great and unique .. I also like that I don’t look like every other guy on the street in Canada Goose. 3 days free shipping to USA,price cheaper compared Canada Goose.

3 months ago
Arctic Bay Montreal Parka
George Pini I live in the cold latitude and used to wear Canada Goose parkas. In essence, they performed their desired function and I considered them to be state-of-the-art in the jacket market. These views lasted until I decided to purchase Arctic Bay Montreal parka. Right away I noticed differences in down filling and distribution along the body of the jacket. Better, lighter, more modern materials are immediately noticeable once you put the jacket on. Concluding, I tend to think that Arctic Bay employs more modern technologies in their manufacturing process, which make Canada Goose feel more like a uniform rather than everyday wear jacket. I completely rethought my perspective on winter jackets and am switching to a great Canadian brand Arctic Bay.

3 months ago
Peter H.
Arctic Bay Toronto parka my choice . Im very pleased with the craftsmanship,fur and materials on the jackets, it is superb. The quality is definitely superior to my Canada Goose Jacket and Nobis jacket. Fast shipping , great service .

3 months ago
Arctic Bay Charlotte Parka
I just received my beautiful purple Charlotte arctic pay parka! I had great customer service they delivered it - actually they delivered two coats so that I can try both fine to make sure that it fits properly. The coat is so warm and cosy and I highly recommend it! I think it’s a lot more more and cosier than Canada goose.

4 months ago
Charlotte Parka
I had been looking for a warmer replacement parka to my North Face that I bought 5 years ago. I spend a lot of time during my day outside and wanted something warm, easy to move in and durable. I purchased the Charlotte Parka but was unsure of the size. When I called Customer Service they told me they would send me two parkas - a Large and XL - I could keep the one that fit and return the other, which I did. I also saved $300 which was great. 5 years ago I did try Canada Goose but could not get a parka to fit me - I found the fit was way too slim. This new parka gives me lots of room in my shoulders which I needed. Living in NW Ontario, we get -35C to -45C sometimes in winter so I wanted to be warm. Although our temperatures are now getting warmer, I look forward to wearing it constantly next winter! Customer services was excellent - by phone and email.

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Reload 4.7

Nov 21, 2018
I would not recommend this jacket. I bought The Charlotte and it’s so bulky, hard to close at the neck, the pockets are so small that when I put my hands in, they feel squeezed with limited room to move. The material gets dirty easily despite it saying it is stain resistant. It does not provide a flattering shape as other winter jackets. I researched a lot and finally decided on this company and jacket and while I must say the jacket is very warm, it falls short in everything else. It’s so puffy to put on and air gets into it that you have to squeeze it out so it doesn’t look to puffy on you. The material is so stiff and not flexible at all to move in. I spent $900 and I am not happy or satisfied with this jacket. I’m not sure if it’s just the style I choose but I am quite disappointed after looking forward to this jacket. I can only bend my hands or stretch them so much because the material is so stiff and only allows a certain amount of stretch if you can call it that. I feel like the Michelin Man wearing this. I’m upset that I spend so much money for something that didn’t turn out good. The pictures they have online shows the jacket flattering on the women wearing it. I’m a petite person so I don’t understand why it looks bulky on me. I tried the smaller size to this one and it was way too small. For the amount of money I paid to have the tabs on the zipper to flake off within less than a month and then to see the metal underneath on the hood adjuster showing a different colour I expected this jacket to be made with top quality materials all around.

Feb 12, 2018
I’ve had the Arctic Bay winter jacket for 3 years now, and have to say that the combination of quality, warmth and design is SUPERB! Before, you’d have to pay me to walk in the park in the frigid temperatures like -20C. Now, I volunteer for these snow adventures, walking and playing in the beautiful wintry forests and parks. So much so, our entire family now owns a jacket each! Kudos to the entire team who created this lovely and warm jacket, and if you are looking for one, don’t think twice - Arctic Bay jacket will definitely be the one to keep you warm and toasty and let you enjoy our Canadian winter to the fullest :)

Feb 12, 2018
I presently own one and wear it for past 7 years. Tested under extreme weather -38C degree in Quebec City this holiday season and its kept me warm all the time. Highly recommend to get one. Money=Quality+Comfort

Feb 11, 2018
This is my first winter in my Arctic Bay parka. I’m amazed by its quality and fitting. I call it my space suit. It creates a solid barrier between me and the cold, rain and snow. I appreciate many fine details: zippers on the sides that open both from the top and from the bottom, letting me access my pockets without opening the entire side to the cold, well lined hood that keeps the wind away from my head and face, and many others. This is the best coat for the money. It’s the hypercar of parkas. Definitely recommend.

Feb 10, 2018
I have been wanting to purchase this jacket for some time now. I finally decided to make the purchase and I am so glad I did. The jacket (Alaska Parka) is everything I expected from Arctic Bay and much more! It is exceptionally warm yet light. There are many unique design features yet the jacket maintains a sleek profile. I will have to come up with another excuse to buy another model. Thank you

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