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1801 Lakeshore Rd W Unit 3, Mississauga, Ontario, L5J 1J6, Canada
(905) 916-1663
Lash Salon has always been interested in overall female beauty, with the primary goal of seeing each woman enhance their best assets. Lash Salon by Regina offers all natural products that are designed to promote thicker, stronger, longer lashes.
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Aug 14, 2019

The best in the industry

Lash Salon by Regina is my haven!!! It’s such a beautiful salon and the extensions are so natural. I always get compliments on how they look. I would recommend Regina to anyone interested in lash extensions.

Aug 14, 2019

Regina is my girl

Regina has been in the industry forever and it shows!! I have been going to her since my first set and will never entrust anyone else with my lashes.

Feb 14, 2019
A++ doesn't even begin to describe the great results you get from Regina. I have been going to Regina for years and have NEVER been disappointed. She is a true professional and a beautiful personality. The lashes are so natural looking that people don't even realize they're not my own lashes. Even my dentist commented on what great lashes I had (thinking they were my own natural lashes) ...and you know how close they have to be to your face!!! She is the best..... I would strongly recommend her services to anyone.

Feb 12, 2019


Great place to get your lashes done. Excellent and professional friendly service by Regina. I have been going there for years always leaving happy. Beautiful and very clean place. Highly recommend.

Feb 11, 2019


Regina has the experience you are looking for when trusting someone with your lashes. She is professional, a sweetheart and she is very knowledgeable! Regina always makes my eyes look pretty :) thank you!

Feb 11, 2019

Top notch

Regina is the top in her field, I’ve been a client for over 4 years. I continually get complimented on my eyes and lashes, and when I let people know they are extensions the comments are of surprise because they look so natural. Regina is warm, funny and professional.

Feb 10, 2019


Regina has been doing my eyelashes for a number of years now. I cannot speak highly enough of both Regina and her eyelashes. The eyelashes are very natural looking and Regina is a perfectionist.

Feb 9, 2019

Love my eyelashes!

Regina is an expert at what she does. She does and amazing job in a very efficient amount of time. I like a natural look and she always delivers. Thanks Regina!

Feb 9, 2019

Amazing Glam!

I’ve been to the Lash Salon by Regina a few times now. For an eyelash extensions application and then for a fill. Regina is professional and skilled at what she does. I always leave feeling fabulous and looking my best! Not to mention, the salon is super cute, neat and tidy! I absolutely love how relaxing the lash application process is. I’m happy with my results and can’t wait to go back for my next appointment. I recommend this salon to anyone looking to enchance their lash game and feel beautiful inside and out. Regina is sweet, kind, knowledgeable and professional. Definitely a must-go-to destination!

Feb 9, 2019

Regina is the best!

Regina makes your eyelashes look super natural and gives exactly what you want but better! She’s the kindest and funniest person. 10/10 recommend you to go get those eyelashes done with Regina as you will leave feeling beautiful!

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4 months ago
5 stars✨️ lashes services ✨️
I have been doing my lashes with Regina for almost 5 years and I have always received unmatched service with good quality and professionalism. The lashes last long, and you will be amazed to see how your face lights up naturally. I highly recommend her services, she is professional and knowledgeable 👌

Dec 6, 2019
Amazing Quality and Service
Regina is in a class of her own. She knows what she is doing and she does it better than anyone. I went to her for my lashes for 5 years straight with no breaks, through 2 pregnancies. My lashes were never damaged or hurt. I'm home with a new born so om currently taking a break but can't wait to go back. I drove from North York to Port Credit religiously. I don't trust anyone else with my lashes. You will not be disappointed. I promise you.

Oct 29, 2019
Best in the business
I have been seeing Regina for over 3 years now and I must say I am never disappointed . She is very professional, honest, experienced and has such a big heart. My real lashes are still very healthy, where at some places I went to in the past, my lashes would be damaged or less remaining . I can’t imagine myself going to anyone else for my lashes.

Sep 24, 2019
Regina is talented, experienced and kind
I have been seeing Regina for almost 10 years. She is very experienced, I have recommended people to see her to fix things other clinicians have done to their lashes. Regina listens to what I have to say, I am not into extra long lashes that look done so she knows which lengths and thickness to use and on which lashes to attach onto. Regina will never do anything that would be unhealthy for her client and their lashes. You can ask her beg her but if she thinks it is detrimental to your health she won’t do it, she has a conscience and she takes immense pride in her work. I have also done microblading with her, let me tell you she is a very patient and kind person. I am the biggest chicken when it comes to that stuff but she was so sensitive to my anxiety and did such an amazing job at designing and placing, I re did them again! And my brows lasted almost 3 years! My sisters is going on 4! Regina is the best in the industry and I have recommended friends and would recommend anyone else to go see her you will not be disappointed!

Aug 28, 2019
I have been a client of Regina's for over 5 years! She is the best and worth the drive from Toronto to Clarkson. Her salon is clean and welcoming and the atmosphere is so calming that one could drift off into a lovely sleep while getting your eyelashes done. Regina has a great personality and treats all her clients as family members. The best recommendation is that I have referred several friends and my mum to Regina. I would trust no other with the art of applying my eyelashes!

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Apr 28, 2019
I strongly recommend this eyelash salon! Regina is very professional and very experienced. I have been trusting her with my lashes for over 6 yrs now. 100% satisfied every single time!!! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Mar 26, 2019
Regina is the Best in terms of her professionalism and personality!! Lively and always on the go... I'm sure I'd have my lashes done by her if I needed mine done, lol!!

Nov 20, 2018
I had been to another lash provider. I say provider rather than salon i was very dissatisfied. Reginas Salon is immaculate. Her skill and professionalism is amazing. I used to have to devote 2 hours to my lash visits every week. Regina makes me look amazing in in under an hour. She is Magic. ❤

Sep 22, 2018
Regina is amazing! She is an experienced and I would only trust my lashes with somebody like her :-) Her salon is clean, super cute and conveniently located at 1712 Lakeshore rd, West. I highly recommend this salon!

Nov 20, 2016
Turns out my lashes were very short due to breakage from 30 years of curling and wearing waterproof mascara. Love my new lashes. Makes my eyes pop! Regina is fantastic. It's my first time, I was a lash virgin and she was funny and insightful. A new friendship has been formed. She is meticulous and her salon is clean and first rate. Give her a call and she will take excellent care of you.


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