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2420 Gehman Lane,, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 17602, United States
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Lapp Electric is based around one simple goal—service. Whether it means fixing a switch inside your home, or creating an automated control for an assembly line, we are dedicated to providing the solutions for our customers—no matter how small or large the project. To cater to unexpected situations, we offer 24/7 emergency service.


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2 months ago
I'm so pleased with Lapp Electric. I called them this morning and I had same day service. I spoke with Tracy on the phone, who was very accommodating. Their technician, Mike, was promp, pleasant and polite. He was able to correct the problem in less than an hour. Without a doubt, I would not hesitate recommending Lapp Electric!

3 months ago
Vince solved our problem, and did an absolutely outstanding job. We are very pleased with the work. We will make sure to call you for any future requirements. Our very best to your team !!

5 months ago
Hopefully, we'll update this review. Lapp came recommended. Gave 1* because the tech arrived when they said. Not the Tech's fault, but, when the Tech doesn't know the project he's dispatched to, that puts up a BIG red flag. We'll see how this small kitchen lighting project finishes up...

2 months ago
This was the worst experience I have ever had for a simple undermount cabinet lighting project. Keep in mind the tile was not installed until 5 days after they came out to do my project. First they want to add two different types of lights under our cabinets the day of install. This was after waiting 8 weeks to get the lights due to back order. When Lapp Electric tried to explain it would take 2 switches and a totally different type of lighting I should have cancelled right then and there. How can you do electrical work and offer two different lights meaning the color will vary and it will not look uniform. Then they wire the switch without asking in a way you can barely find a switch plate to cover 1 toggle 2 duplex see photo. You cant just go buy a plate cover from lowes or home Depot. They had any amount of space to add a switch without making it into this set up. Mike the guy from Lapp that gave us the estimate says I will find a piece of lighting in my truck and make it all the same. If he had it in the truck why wouldn't it have been used in the first place? Then he also said it would be free. However, the bill comes and there is no refund for the returned wrong light but a charge of $175 for running the extra wire since we changed to have one switch. We wanted a dimmer switch that we asked for a price for weeks and no reply. The day of install he says a dimmer switch would be $500. Obviously one switch would make sense if a dimmer is $500.I ask Mike if the light was free why no refund he says a "claus" in the contract. So it wasn't free. I asked him multiple times to come out and change the switch set up because we had a certain switch plate in mind and it doesn't come in that setup. In fact it only comes in white tan and beige not good for custom kitchen project. All I get is BS excuses and it wasn't changed. While installing Al who was doing the install was waiting for help. He tells my wife let's look at what else you may want to get done. She shows him the GFI switches that aren't working that need replaced and ceiling fan remote that needs replaced. No work was done but they charged us $75 but the quote was already given prior and we said dont worry about it. They are a big rip off they dont care about you once the contract is signed. Oh yeah and we have beige switches but they gave us white switches on both this project and the last time when they put the ceiling fan in the first time. We are still waiting to get the kitchen switches changed to Rocker switches instead of our matching toggle switches. This ruined our custom kitchen project. Don't let this happen to you hire a professional company. This place is a joke.

7 months ago
We are very disappointed. Not with the electrition or the work but the fact that no bill was left when the work was done nor was it mailed right away then when we received the bill for the first time they charged us a late fee on that bill even though it's the first bill we ever got. It's a shame it really is but I guess finding a honest company these days is hard

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