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Get a second opinion

Get a Second Opinion, Even If You Have Already Been Pre-Approved For Your Minnesota, Wisconsin, or South Dakota Mortgage!
Imagine you have just went to the Doctor in Minneapolis, or the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and found out that you have to have surgery on your knee and the procedure will be pretty extensive! Most people just won't take the doctors word any more. They seek out another doctor for a second opinion.
That's the way it should be with your home loans and mortgage too! If you have already been pre-approved or pre-qualified for a mortgage on your next home, are you absolutely sure you are getting the best service and the best deal?
I'm not talking about interest rates either!
I'm talking about the structure of the deal itself! The price that you pay is the least of your worries in a transaction. Its how the deal is structured is what matters most. You could have been quoted a wonderful interest rate, but if it is on the wrong loan product, the best interest rate could be absolutely the worst loan for you.
I'm not saying that interest rates are NOT important, they are! But, here are some of the things you need to consider and why you need a second opinion from me:
Are you on the right loan product?
Should you decrease your down payment and use your cash to pay off your high credit card debts?
Should you pay points or loan origination fees?
Does a no closing cost mortgage make more sense for you?
Are you better off with an adjustable rate or a fixed rate?
and did your lender show you how to save thousands of dollars and take 5 years off the mortgage term?
If they did not talk to you about any of these issues then you definitely need a Second Opinion.
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Are you using your Realtor's Mortgage Company?
While it may be convenient to walk across the hall from your real estate agents office, you typically pay more for that convenience. They don't work for free, and when they know you just walked across the hall and didn't shop, do you think that are offering the best deal to you? Could be, but not likely.
Also, did you feel pressured by your Real Estate Agent to use their affiliated company? They apply this pressure for a reason, and it isn't because you would be getting the best deal.
Are your using your Bank for a mortgage loan?
Banks offer free checking because they know when it comes time to get a car loan or a mortgage loan, you are already familiar with them. Free checking accounts are a loss leader to them to gain an attitude of familiarity for other products. They know if you feel comfortable with them, you are less likely to shop around. Again, they don't work for free, so when they think you are not looking elsewhere, do you think you are getting the best deal in the market? Could be, but not likely.
Why use us for your home mortgage loan?
We are not your bank, and we are not across the hall from your real estate agent. Therefore the only way we get a chance to do your mortgage loan is by having the lower interest rates and lower closing costs, and doing it all better and faster, with licensed, and higher experienced Loan Officers. If our interest rates were the same or worse than your bank or Realtor's lender, we would never close any loans. But we do. We close a lot of loans! We are ranked as one of the top non-bank lenders in the State of Minnesota, and have been doing mortgage loans since 1991.
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose to get a mortgage quote from us. You can simply walk away knowing that your first lender has done a good job for you, or, you will find out that they haven't.
Either way, you win, so click here to get a quote from The Joe Metzler Mortgage team for a home loan in MN, WI, or SD.