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University Of Toronto Dentistry

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101 Elm St, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2L3, Canada
(416) 979-4927
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11 months ago
It was a really bad experience!! A lot of appointments to get one thing done, Almost 2 years to get a denture!! If you have an emergency(for example pain) you have to wait weeks! The student as soon as he/she finish that kind of treatment he/she leaves you and send you to another student! The secretaries(most of them) are rude and unhelpful! It's cheaper but you have to go there a few times to get the work done, so at the end you are spending more money and time! Overall it was a really bad experience!!!

Dec 14, 2018
Takes long but they do a great job and you pay half of the price. They have advance tech! Currently getting work done for my Gum and root canal

10 months ago
Doctor Bohluli refused me emergency service because of medical marijuana use as prescribed by a doctor. I disclosed my disabilities and prescriptions at both previous pre-screening visits. Shame on University of Toronto Dentistry, for permitting their professor to discriminate against my disabilities. Human rights and lawyers are being contacted.

Oct 14, 2018
Too many cooks in the kitchen. I wanted to get a crown on one of my teeth and the student assigned to me had gone through the entire pre process to get it done. I had 5 appointments leading up to the crown. The problem was every appointment there would be a different supervisor dentist giving a completely opposite opinion on what should be done. The student and I were very confused on what should happen. Finally one dentist agreed it should go forward and it was set to happen. But on the appointment to prep the crown another said that it can’t be done but it was “up to me”. I explained that I come here for his expertise and not to make a decision about something I know nothing about. In total there were 9 (I counted) dentists/specialists all with conflicting opinions on what should happen. I ended up leaving with more questions than answers, having spent time and money on work I didn’t want done and not having the work I wanted in the first place.

Apr 10, 2018
I had an awesome experience a number of years ago with a filling. I needed to be put to sleep because my jaw doesn't freeze properly and I'm able to feel everything. The filling they did is still holding strong. Others including a root canal have broken, chipped, and crumbled. I'm about to go back again. U of T dentists although they are students, their work is exemplary and the price is far better than everywhere else. Thankyou U of T dentists !

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