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10 months ago
Great Customer Service
Very professional and highly recommend their services! A+++++

11 months ago
More people need to know
My key broke off of my fob at home on a Monday morning. Called dealership they said it will be a week and they need my car at the dealership. My other fob is at the bottom of Georgian Bay, so that is not happening. I called CAA for a tow to the dealership, they got me in touch with Brent. Problem solved: he came by that day, Made two key fobs, easy peasy and way cheaper, done the same day.. Thanks Brent.

May 4, 2020
Awesome! Highly Recommended!
After losing a car key to my old mustang - Brent showed up same day (within an hour and a half) and had me a new one made and programmed. This guy was professional, knew his stuff and was fast. Bonus? He's a Veteran.... If you need locksmithing / car locksmithing work done - Call Brent. Highly Recommended. Pro Patria!
Jun 18, 2020
Thanks Chris for your review and comments. Brent is one of the best. We are so lucky to have him overseeing our business in Simcoe County.

Feb 26, 2020
Needed a new key for my car!
The plastic housing around my car key cracked and broke and my auto repair garage recommended another repair service who after two months (!!) of promises and lack of response (luckily I had been able to crazy glue the plastic housing and use the key in the mean time), I called Brent at Pop-A-Lock. He was able to come to my home the next day, make me two new keys, and told me about the partial coverage available to me as a CAA member. He was on time, friendly, efficient and I didn't have to leave my house! Great service, greatly appreciated.
Jun 18, 2020
Brent is a trained vehicle locksmith with Pop-A-Lock. He is one of our top locksmiths in North America. We are lucky to have him. Appreciate the comments and review.

Jan 26, 2020
Great service
When my car fob wouldn't work anymore, a friend referred me to Pop-A-Lock. He solved my problem and the cost was so much less than through the dealership. I would highly recommend Brent and his company. Thank you.
Jun 18, 2020
Thanks for your review and kind comments. Brent exceeds expectations for his customers. Glad to see he could help.

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Jun 10, 2019
He was very accommodating, reasonable pricing. And was on point for customer service and a friendly smile. Stellar most valuable player. Thank you so much for your assistance it was great appreciated.

Jun 25, 2019
Literally saved my daughters bacon! She lost her one and only key which was chipped. He found a new ignition for the car and chipped a new key so that it would start! Yay. Thank you for being reliable and getting the job done !

Mar 21, 2019
Brent is a real professional. Cordial, informative, and of course incredibly helpful. My Honda Civic would not start as the key would not turn in the ignition. Within 45 minutes(roughly), Brent had removed my entire ignition mechanism from my vehicle, repaired the damaged pins preventing the key from turning, and also cut me a replacement key free of charge as my old one had some wear and tear on it. All in all, very happy with the service I received and any lock related issues I have will almost certainly be brought to Brent's attention. As a side note, I was pleasantly surprised a new key was even able to be made. I was under the impression that a new Honda key would have to come from Honda(due to the chip in the key) but it was no issue at all.

Apr 30, 2019
I had no key for a vehicle, they showed up early and had the key cut and tires filled with air before I got there. Great service reasonable price

Apr 11, 2019
Awesome job, very thorough and professional. I will keep this number on file and recommend Brent to anyone looking for service.

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