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Mar 5, 2018
I've been going to Dr. Jory off and on for the last 5 or 6 years. He tends to try the least invasive method of treatment first before going crazy into manipulations and such. I've had awesome experiences in treating several of my injuries. One that sticks out, was a cyst on my knee. I started in his office and we tried a few things, and he ultimately concluded it to be a cyst. Based on his advice, I got an MRI on it. I eventually went to three surgeons in which were pretty adamant it was a meniscus tear. This of course occurred over the course of several months. When examining it early on, Dr. Jory didn't think I did that because my knee was very stable - the funny thing was when the surgeons opened me up - they removed the cyst and found no tear! Anyways - if you don't know what's up I wouldn't hesitate to see him as soon as possible. He can save you a lot of problems and waiting for issues down the road. He's also available on short notice - that;'s a huge plus because getting to something as early as possible can dramatically increase recovery time.

Feb 14, 2018
Dr. Jory is a gem in a sea of...non-gems. I was honestly skeptical about chiropractors, especially after two not so good experiences where their idea of 'helping' was cracking my back to the point that I wasn't sure if my bones were still intact. One also told me that the tension I was holding between my eyebrows was causing my issues?? Anyways, I've had lower back problems for the past 4 years - off and on - after a bad deadlift session. RIP favourite movement. I finally decided to contact Dr. Jory after seeing such good reviews and realizing his office is in the Goodlife I go to. He took the time to assess me and explain to me what was actually causing the pain (bulging disc, not eyebrow tension) and talked me through what my treatment would look like. He did not once purposely crack my back and gave me a lot of helpful at-home exercises to do. After just 5 sessions, I feel 90% better; my back has not felt this good in well over a year. Dr. Jory is also super personable and easy to have a conversation with, which really makes you feel comfortable during appointments. My skepticism is gone and I highly recommend Dr. Jory! Also his YouTube channel is pretty legit if you're looking for some informative health/wellness videos :)

Jan 20, 2018
I strained my calf one week before my snowboarding season was about to start. I could hardly walk but after three treatments from Dr. Jory my calf felt great. I didn't even remember my I strained my calf when I went snowboarding the following weekend. For me the speed of recovery was amazing. Dr. Jory with his years of training and experience, and being very active himself, will be the first person I see if I have any other injuries. He has a great personality and very good at explaining things, in part because he teaches.

Nov 7, 2017
I struggled with debilitating knee pains for a number of years. My visits to numerous physiotherapists and sports therapists to seek treatment resulted in no improvement. I met with Dr. Jory and, within 3 sessions, he had succeeded in greatly reducing my knee pains. It was amazing how he was able to pinpoint the problem in one session and began treating it immediately. Finally, by doing the stretches and exercises he showed me, I am now pain free. Dr. Jory is very knowledgeable and takes the time to listen to your issues. He is able to pinpoint the problem and tackle it directly rather than spending time on treatments that do not provide results. Also, I personally found that his advice in terms of stretches and exercises greatly helped in improving my knees over time and eliminating the pain. Very reasonable in prices and definitely worth it. I recommend Dr. Jory to all my friends now.

Nov 7, 2017
I recently started seeing Dr Jory for neck stiffness and a tight lower back (sitting at a computer all day and driving on weekends) and within the past six weeks have felt a huge difference in my flexibility and pain reduction. Dr Jory used chiro and massage techniques and knew exactly what to do while other chiropractors I had seen couldn’t effectively resolve the problem. Dr Jory has also been very accommodating with my crazy work schedule (even when I’ve missed appointments - sorry Jory!) He is also one of the most pleasant sports medicine professionals I have had work on me. I definitely recommend his services.

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