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2503 Ellwood Dr SW, Edmonton, Alberta, T6X 0A9, Canada
(780) 439-4391
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What we offer.... Before / After School Program --- Little Sky : Serious Fun & Positive Reinforcement --- Children : Award Winning Children's Program --- Family : A Family that Kicks together Sticks together --- Youth / Adult : Challenge Your Limit --- Sky Team " Think and Perform Professionally
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25 days ago
Friendly staff, clean facility, good for after school care. Not good for TKD training. Need more emphasis on technique primarily. This is a club where you pay for testing and they hand out belts. Belts need to be earned with skill and technique. This is a club where you child can easily attain a high level belt which will empower them with a false sense of ability. My child goes only for the after school care I will not let him do the belt testing.

14 days ago
This review is past due. However I needed to post this as the 1 star reviewer is beyond wrong. In the five years I have been involved with the programming at Sky Taekwondo and Out of School Program, they have shaped me into a better person both physically and mentally.  My two kids have attended classes at Sky as well. My daughter for 5 years and my son for 2 years. They took amazing care of my daughter while she attended the "After School Program" as well as weekly Traditional TaekwonDo classes.  Sky Taekwondo offers an After School Program that is diverse and exciting, equipped with dynamic programs to meet students' need. They provide Taekwondo, Korean Sword Fighting, Arts and Gym Activities. All instructors are very knowledgeable, and the program keeps students interested in what they are doing after their long hours in school. The main Taekwondo classes from 5pm to 8:30pm that Sky Taekwondo provides is "Second to None." An added bonus for After School students is that these extra classes are also included in their monthly membership fee.  I wholeheartedly emphasize the statement, that Belts are not bought but earned. I take great offense to anyone that says otherwise. Anyone who feels this way should come check out a class and see what they have to offer. I have earned my black belt through hard work, dedication and training which I get from Sky Taekwondo. Their excellent knowledge and professionalism inspired me to be an instructor at Sky Taekwondo myself. This spurred dramatic personal growth, because as a parent, I truly believe that we should be engaged with our kids' activity as much as possible for our child's best outcomes. In the end, Sky Taekwondo is a great place and they have done wonders for myself and my kids. Come and try it out for yourself!

18 days ago
Our two boys have been training with Sky Taekwondo, both within the Out-of-School Program and within the additional classes that are offered throughout the week. Our oldest son has been training for nearly five years, while our youngest has been training for almost two years. Overall, we have been very satisfied with the services offered by Sky Taekwondo. We have noticed and appreciate that the instructors are willing to work with children with diverse learning needs. Our oldest son was very shy when he first joined Sky Taekwondo, and we have observed that the programming has really helped to build his confidence. Our youngest son is very spirited, which has the potential to create challenges for the instructors, but the instructors have been very patient with him. We are frequently surprised and impressed by how much our boys have learned at Sky Taekwondo. While the Out-of-School Program is excellent, the additional classes throughout the week have really helped our boys to master their skills in Taekwondo, as the students are generally challenged at a higher level via these additional classes. Overall, I would definitely recommend Sky Taekwondo.

3 months ago
My 2 boys attend the before and after school program and love it. It’s a great program that keeps the kids active and engaged.

Jun 17, 2017
Love it! We have tried other clubs, but my son (who has OCD & anxiety) couldn't handle the other teaching styles and the instructors were less than willing to work with him. The instructors at Sky were willing to work with us and my son to make this an enjoyable experience. They are even willing to do private testing for him so that his anxiety doesn't go through the roof! I would recommend this club any day of the week!!!! I love them so much!


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