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Norton Dental

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1 Oak St #3, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 0A1, Canada
(416) 361-3332
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6 months ago

10 star rating Norton Dental

My personal opinion Norton Dental Center at 1 Oak Street unit 3, Toronto, Ontario, is by far the best dental office I have ever gone to and it came very highly recommended to me. majority of my life I have had bad experiences with dental offices. Leave me feeling very afraid and unsafe. And now for the first time in my life EVER I am no longer afraid to go to the dentist office. I highly recommend. Norton Dental, The entire staff gives you a very warm welcoming feeling. Like right at home kind of feeling You're part of the family. They make their patients feel very welcome and safe. They're very understanding and compassionate. And they do explain everything to you. I used to wait between 10 to 20 years before I would go see a dentist. Not anymore. they absolutely deserve more than 5 star rating. My opinion 10 I have been there three times already. And looking forward to my next visit. Thank you. To the entire staff at Norton Dental Center For the best vibe and the best experience.

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Jun 12, 2019
My name is Nancy Long and this dentist, along with his amazing staff, have helped to greatly improve my health. I first presented with dental pain and severe headaches that had been ongoing for months back in November of last year. My GP kept telling me that my headaches were most likely due to stress but after the dentist ordered an x-ray it revealed something much more sinister. I had badly infected sinuses and was referred to an ENT whom found a deviated septum and sinusitis that could require surgery. After months of medical treatment the ENT was to refer me to a dentist due to new developments such as TMJ and dying dental nerves that were causing 4 of my teeth to disintegrate which was causing excruciating pain! It was very logical to me to return to the place and Dentist that found the problem to begin with. Today was my consultation and my dental surgeries/treatments begin on Friday. I was so terrified of dentists but the care they provided was comforting enough to the point where I chose to skip the full anesthesia(where they send you to a surgical dentist)and have my procedure done under local anesthesia in the hands of this great dentist and his team. I'm so very grateful for their professional knowledge and understanding of patient's fear! Thank you Norton Dental team!!! This is the first time I feel so at ease with a dentist and look forward to my care on Friday. 😊👍

Mar 22, 2019
All the staff were very nice. Dentist took time to explain,what he was doing and what I should expect. I'd recommend this dentist.

May 30, 2018
RIP OFF RIP OFF! I am a student, did a cleaning, when finished, they asked for $200 extra. I was not told this before the cleaning, so they got me on the spot. They called a dentist too, to do a "pat-examination" so she could earn a bit on the side. I called the receptionist today, extremely rude and told me I should have solved this right there. it's like when you catch a thief after a month of the incident and they tell you " well you should have caught me on the day I stole from you". ridiculous! I've spoken to a lawyer about it, they will take care of it, unless Norton pay me back without any issue. This is not about the $200, but fairness and to save people from losing their hard earned money. Cruel people!

Sep 25, 2018
Horrible service. I've never had sensitive teeth before, but I sure did after cleanings and fillings at this clinic. A particular filling was causing me pain and I was told "it's just sensitivity, it'll go away." The filling FELL OUT 2 months later and I had to go to a competent dentist elsewhere to get it fixed. Norton Dental will bill your insurance company for every penny they can, even if you don't need a particular treatment. Please do not go here, its not worth the pain and hassle!

Nov 5, 2017
I would highly recommend this office. I was afraid of going to the dentist before. The staff are most bright and quite friendly. Mona, the assistant greeted me with her beautiful smile and was keen to make me feel comfortable. All of my concerns were addressed and I was made to feel at home. The dentist, Dr. Khouri was absolutely fantastic. His gentle and caring manner put me at my ease. He is highly competent and professional and took the time to explain all of my treatment options. He did not talk down to me like some dentists do. So far, I have had three fillings done and the work is amazing! I love this office and think I will be a lifer! What a caring and professional team!

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