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Halsted Street Dental

Halsted Street Dental

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4.0 Google Review
2200 N Halsted St, Chicago, Illinois, 60614, United States
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Jan 21, 2013
I had my first appointment at Halsted Dental this afternoon and was very impressed with the quality of service. Dr. Widen is extremely nice and enjoyable to be around, but more importantly, he is a great dentist. For a 6 month check-up and teeth cleaning session, he went above and beyond what I expected. I left the appointment with clean teeth and a lot of good tips/advice on keeping my teeth healthy going forward. I highly recommend Halsted Dental and Dr. Widen. Bonus: A lot of cool technology in the office: you can see the inside of your mouth on a big screen TV and Dr. Widen walks you through everything - fascinating!

Jan 27, 2015
Obviously no one really likes going to the dentist, but as far as dentists go, this one's top-notch. The receptionists are really nice, and the waiting room (in which I rarely wait long due to some super-timely dentistry) isn't too sterile. Usually when I'm there, I'm the only person in the waiting room, which is good, because it tells me they don't over-book. Also, I like the hygienists--one in particular, I think her name is Amanda, is particularly awesome due her no-nonsense demeanor. Dr. Jercinovic is a cool guy too--seems pretty down to earth. Plus, he uses some futuristic laser tool to find cavities in your teeth. Honestly, everything seems to be pretty updated and modern, and I got to watch my personal hero, the Barefoot Contessa, while I got a cavity filled. I realize this review makes me sounds like some crazy dentist person, but this place needed more good reviews!

Jul 11, 2007
Staff is nice and friendly. Haven't had any problems being overcharged, as suggested by another reviewer. Late times are nice too, I'm able to get 6pm appointments.

Jul 23, 2014
Did a filling and a crown there. The filling still hurts when I brush, the crown is whiter then the rest of my teeth. My tooth is still irritated, a year later after the crown has been placed.


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