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2.8 Google Review
273 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1N8, Canada
(416) 863-1702 popeyeschicken.ca
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Mar 13, 2018
Very bad customer service. There was a long line up at the store but only one girl at the front taking order. And many people at the back just standing around doing nothing. When I ordered, she didn't ask me which dipping sauce I'd like, because they are free. And when I got my order, I had to ask for the sauce I wanted and she didn't even ask if I'd like ketchup since I got fries as well. I asked for a fork, she sent me to the back, then I had to come back and ask again for the fork. I understand maybe she was busy with the long line up, but why aren't anyone coming from the back to help and open up the other counter? The tenders didn't taste as good as other location that I go to. Visit date, Sunday, March 11, 2018. around 8:45 pm.

Apr 21, 2018
Service level never changed since 4 years ago. They missed my order, which was fine, but how the staff handled the situation was extremely unprofessional. About 5 customers ahead of me got their orders, and so I approached the cashier, whom I was standing around right in front of the whole time I was waiting. The rep asked what would I like (to order). I explained that I already ordered 5 wings. Then he said “OK” and waved the next customers over for the next order. I stood there for a little while longer thinking to myself, be patience maybe it’s frying in the stove. The group of staff in the kitchen were chatting and making jokes here and there while packing some orders. They continued to serve another order, which then another cashier finally approached me and asked what I ordered. Then finally, they spoke to the kitchen and then my order was served. I understand that orders could be missed here and there, and we are all humans so mistakes could happen, but please handle such situations professionally by not ignoring with an “Ok” and proceed with the next customers. Also, be situationally aware of the customers waiting for their orders.

Mar 3, 2018
Worst customer service. The guy at the counter while delivering the order didn’t even give ketchup and had a look @ his face as if he was giving away ketchup from his pocket. The oil is old and the chicken is so oily and not even drained a bit. I asked for a spicy chicken and I was given a regular one. While I was waiting for my order to be delivered I saw a man dropping his food. The staffs didn’t even have the courtesy to come and replace the food. Also they gave the order that my friend placed to someone else. He had to wait for 25 minutes and no body cared to apologize. This place sucks. Will never come back. This used to be my favourite Popeyes in DT Toronto. Today’s experience made this place to take a spot in my hate list.

Apr 19, 2018
I got no complaints for this place. They got my order right and the food was good. Thank you for the good service.

Feb 9, 2018
Came here to post a review, and then I see that all of them say exactly what I intend to. I wasn't pleased with this location. I don't go to Popeye's often, but I think I have gone enough times to have a reasonable idea of what to expect. I am giving it two stars because I really didn't order enough to be able to be as disappointed as some of the other people. I expected a small drop in quality to compensate for the location being downtown and having to adjust to higher costs, but when prices on the register don't match what's on the menu, and the employees are powerless (or don't care enough) to remedy the situation, you're ensuring a permanent future lost customer. So Congratulations Popeye's, you got an extra 50c out of me on an already overpriced item. The chicken pieces I got were about 20% smaller than what I've had in the recent past, again, I expected as much being downtown. If this was my only impression of Popeye's, I probably would never go back. If you're craving Popeye's, I suggest holding off until you're in the area of a different location. Your dollar will go much further.

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