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20 days ago

My recent move

They took away all the pressure and stress of moving on your own and handled everything. We got them at a great rate and they loaded all the furniture and packed up the whole house. The other companies that called us wanted way too much money and told us there was still a chance the final price could change. The moving rep we worked with at went step by step explaining every detail and made sure we were protected on the back end. GREAT WORK and prices with friendly sales people.

23 days ago


They showed up early, got to work quickly and were a pleasure to work with through the entire time. They took great care of our stuff, taking it apart and wrapping it up. And they were careful to put everything in the new place exactly where we wanted it. We would definitely use them again

27 days ago


The moving team was able to complete my move in less than the projected time, so my total ended up being less than I expected. I liked the fact that use of wardrobe boxes was included. The receptionist who I spoke to over the phone was very friendly and professional. Highly recommend!

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May 17, 2018
**Update- this company has zero integrity. After I posted this review on the BBB website, they responded with complete lies stating my husband's bike was found, it was being delivered to us and basically stated I was lying. BBB wouldn't allow me to respond. This was a total lie, we never got his bike back and it was made up to make themselves look good.*** Because I have done a long distance move before, I knew I was trying to pick the best company out of the worst. They are all awful, there really needs to be better regulation in this industry. I thought I did my homework as best I could and very nervously chose Starway (who btw is Midwest Moving, or used to be, or is owned by the same people and have awful reviews, I found this out when Midwest were the ones that charged my credit card for the deposit). From the start, they were great, of course, they want your business. The in home estimate was good in terms of her being polite and clear on the policies, etc, but she barely looked at what I had and over quoted me 1400 lbs. I was adamant on being at the weigh scale before and after because I know how these companies work and they were willing to accommodate me, although you have to be persistent or they will pretend they didn't know. Just like negotiating the fuel surcharge down, as a consumer watch what they do, because time and time again they bumped it back to 11%, time and time again, I had to remind them we agreed on 5%. On the day of moving, the guys were late without a phone call so my husband waited at the weigh scale for over an hour, not too big of a deal, we are reasonable people and can overlook this kind of thing. The guys who loaded our stuff were really good, careful, professional. I was told our stuff would be on its way from Alberta to Ontario that week and we could expect it at our destination 5-10 business days later. Doing this before, I knew it was a lie, but I expected it to take about 3 weeks. It took 4 1/2 weeks. All of a sudden the emails stopped being answered, phone calls not returned, every one was sick....for a long time...I think about 3 weeks! And then the movers come, unload and I notice my husbands very expensive mountain bike is missing.....and another item, a table top which we didn't miss as much but it still has not been returned to us. Again, just got the run around, told we can submit a claim, but I know how it works after a $350 deductible and then being reimbursed by weight, we would be paying to make a claim. SO where is my husbands bike?? I would think something like this just doesn't disappear and gets lost. No apologies, no nothing. Just - "I'm sure it will turn up" well it hasn't....or "make a claim" well that doesn't work out either. So no one gets held accountable for "losing" your items. Rent a Uhaul and do it yourself!

Apr 26, 2018
Movers were fantastic, office staff was great and very helpful, HOWEVER the person who does your quote for cost of moving, who they tell you is their best estimator and is almost always accurate with her quotes (also turns out that the estimator is the company owner by the way - conflict of interest perhaps??) The "accurate" estimator misquoted us by more than 70%...i'll say that again...more than SEVENTY percent increase on our final bill before they'll unload your belongings. Quote low, increase bill & withhold property until payment is made. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE! after discussion they begrudgingly knocked off close to $500 which left us paying over 8 thousand for a job that was quoted at 5. Sadly, I'll never go with this company again and never go with a company where the owner, the one who stands to profit the most, is the one who is setting your estimated price :(

Jun 26, 2018
Terrible Terrible Terrible! MidWest Moving and Starway Moving ARE THE EXACT SAME COMPANY. They are a bunch of liars, and will not honour any agreement because they have no honour. They changed plans on me without letting me know (my stuff didn't come for weeks after promised). Then the idiots refused to deliver it to my new place, telling me it'll be at a warehouse and that I can rent Uhaul and get it in myself. (I hired a bunch of teenage kids from the neighbourhood to move me in). This company is truly pathetic, especially the owners.

Apr 24, 2018
If I could give them no stars I would. The moving team was really good, great group of men. The owner (who does the quotes btw) misquoted is by 75%. So what was supposed to be a 5,000$ bill was well over 8,000$. The office was told not to unload our things until we paid them the 75% more. We were totally shanghaied and tried multiple times to speak to the office staff to talk to the owner and arbitrate the bill. Unless you like being ripped off I wouldn’t recommend Starway. Like any good company if you misquote you take responsibility for it and sometimes have to eat your mistake. This was sadly not the case and I get no joy in posting this review but only want to help others in the future avoid what we’ve had to go through.

Apr 5, 2018
We moved with Starway from Edmonton to Calgary. It was a very stress free move. The guys were very respectful, on time and took care of our belongings. I would highly recommend Starway to all my friends and family.

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