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Chelmsford Animal Hospital

Chelmsford Animal Hospital

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1.0 5 reviews
3147 Laura Dr, Sudbury, Ontario, P0M 1L0, Canada
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8 months ago


I DO NOT recommend this place to anyone. Our cat was dying on our living room floor and when we called frantic and panicking at the outrageous price, they took to the offense and hung up on me twice then spoke to the male supervisor who would not name himself and was just as or if not more ignorant then the staff answering the phones. We simply wanted a more affordable solution which they did nothing to help with and told us we wouldn't get it cheaper anywhere else..(Their price: 500-600$) compared to what we paid ($80) at the most compassionate establishment ever. Goes to show they do not care about your animals but rather the amount of money your willing to spend on them. They even went as far as to deny all our animals any medical attention after 2 1/2 years of loyalty towards them but this did not matter. Nor did they show any understanding for our frantic state as we watched our beloved family member of 15 years suffering instead took it as an insult towards them and denied us.

11 months ago

Horrible service

I will not attend this vet clinic ever again. Dr Marin is kind and fair. Dr. Darren Stinson is an asshole plain and simple. A very ego centered vet (a know it all) who genuinely only cares about the money. He has no manners and his ability to actually speak of the products he swears your pet should have is instead met with dismissal and a belittling personality. I read Amanda's post about her brother in laws dog being put down and I seriously would not be surprised if it's him. Thanks for making last people's moments with their companions uncomfortable. You are in the wrong profession.

Aug 31, 2021
PART 3 What I do know, though, is that your treatment of our family is gutting. Abby was not only my brother's long-time companion; she was our family pet - a loved one. We all sat with her, an hour before she met you, saying our goodbyes to the kind and gentle personality we’ve grown so accustomed to having with us. She was a reflection of her owner. He knew it was time for her to go. Nevertheless, who could truly be ready for such a goodbye? You simply dismissed them both as an inconvenience on a weeknight. What Josh experienced here is despicable in its entirety - and it’s something you should wear. Our family felt it only fair our story be shared with the public, in memory of Abby - may she rest in peace. Chelmsford Animal Hospital, you’ve left a terrible taste in our mouths.

Aug 31, 2021
Part 2 payment. Shortly after receiving the funds, you waved your hand in the air, claimed “the deed is done”, then left the building. Your nurse tried to convince Josh to fit his XL dog into a medium-sized biodegradable bag, indicating she could, “help fold her.” He, in all of his emotion, gathered himself enough to request a larger bag - which was provided. He then carried his old girl out to his vehicle and drove to join me to bury her. Josh didn’t mention this occurrence to me as we tore up our hands that evening, digging a hole for a loved one as the sun fell between the trees. It took him a few days to be able to articulate his experience with you and your business. I don’t blame him; He endured a trauma. Now, we’re not positive if you’re the “in-house” vet, or if you're the “on-call” guy. What I do know, though, is that your treatment of our family is gutting. Abby was not only my brother's long-time companion; she was our family pet - a loved one. We all sat with her, an hour

Aug 31, 2021
Part One: You ripped into the parking lot, music blaring from the open windows of your white polished Lexus. My brother-in-law, Josh, was already waiting inside with his companion of 16 years, aware that these were his final moments with her. You asked my brother to leave the room due to COVID after he placed his girl, Abby, on the operating table. He shared with us how much it hurt to hear her whimper from the other room when the catheter was put in. Wanting to be with her during this time of distress, Josh requested access to the room. You made him feel insignificant when you begrudgingly granted him access to his worried pet. You then made Josh carry his 85lbs companion to the waiting room where you no sooner entered and motioned with one hand toward him, fingers clapping toward yourself, aggressively stating, “the money” in a brazen request of the $620.05 payment required for the after-hours service. Josh found a nickel in his truck after you told him he was five cents short of his

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Apr 24, 2019
Great place Very welcoming, great vets and my dogs love the staff Great prices

Nov 19, 2018
I wouldn't recommend this business to ANYONE. I've heard too many bad stories about this place in regards to people getting ripped off and for its overall negative attitude toward their clients during times when they should be helping them with their animal. I've also noted, from my own previous experience with them, that they care more about the bottom line ($$) than the animals themselves. For anyone looking for medical CARE for their animal, I'd personally recommend Walden Animal Clinic. Their service, like many others out there, is polar opposite to that of the Chelmsford Animal Clinic.

May 14, 2019
Always great with my cat.

Jun 5, 2019
Nice facility, pleasant staff

Jan 8, 2019
Great service ..the people there are amazing

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