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3501 8 St E, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7H 0W5, Canada
(306) 477-6245
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May 22, 2019
Congratulations on more than 25 years,Changes Salon & Spa is conveniently located on the east side of Saskatoon just minutes from one of Saskatoon's finest malls. I had a vision renovated five times and I've expended three times and 25 years went from 1900 ft.² to 5000 ft.² our vision statement and our mission have always been to provide the best service with the best products with a five-star experience that exceeds the clients expectations. From the moment you walk through our doors at changes salon and spa until you walk out you will be pampered and comforted to ensure you will escape the stresses of life and look and feel your best.

Jun 17, 2019
I've been many times, never had a bad service. Would recommend.

Jun 3, 2019
I previously worked for this terrible place, so I'm giving an honest review here. These two are the ones to watch out for. Owner: Carolyn Schwab Manager: Amanda Schwab. Soo, the ladies here are absolutely amazing, it is a fantastic team of creative and energetic girls. The management is an absolute down right joke unfortunately. The side that not everyone sees, only the clients that have the delight of hearing the managers yelling accross the salon at their staff or reprimanding their front desk in front of clients who can hear, and find absolutely belittling. Employees are underpaid, underappreciated, and deserve a lot more than what this place offers. Not only do they treat their staff like garbage, but they also water down their sanitizing/disinfecting products, and rip their employees off each month. I would not suggest this place to anyone in a million years.

May 29, 2019
#rude #shamefull #embarressing Today i called about some questions i had about your eyelash extenstions. The manager today on (May 29 @ 3:00pm) was handed the phone after a worker at the desk didn't know the answer to my question. My first question was how much are your classic lashes? And her response was if i was a eyelash tech or a customer. I said i was both and she said, okay so your a tech. I said okay and asked some more questions about prices, why theyre so high, etc. She then said go to the website. When i asked her why she couldnt answer my questions she said " are you trying to piss me off?" I said no and asked for her name because she had been giving me attitude the entire conversation for no reason at all but instead she hung up on me. I phoned back and i was left on hold for 5 minutes. Second time i got my eyelash tech teacher to phone and try and figure this out. The phone was answered immediately but she eventually got hung up on! I want to add that im a new eyelash tech and was really looking forward to getting my lashes done, since i booked the apt online. Im frustrated that a couple simple questions got sour responses and i got hung up on not once, but twice. I have never had a "manager" been so rude to me in my entire life. ive got my eyebrows and hair done there and really liked it! But I will never come back because of how i was treated today, and neither will my family and friends. Completely unacceptable.

May 2, 2019
I did teeth whitening and the result is awesome. She did a great job!!


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