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DBD Construction & Renovations

DBD Construction & Renovations

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1.0 72 reviews
Coquitlam, British Columbia, V3K 7A1, Canada
(604) 500-4494
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2 months ago

If you hire them be careful

The manager maybe don´t know nothing about who are their workers, i hired they for a renovation in my home with us and all my things, apliances and furnitures inside during the jobs, and unfortunately i and my family start to not to find some stuffs that normally never lost, at begins were little and unvalue stuffs but then were losts some jewels of my dauhther and tools from my husband. We question to they, and up a complaint but of course they denied all and without prove, we can,t do much

2 months ago

Aren´t a trusted company

I hired them for to do reality my dream kitchen, i sent my own proyect and then i trusted, and put my all hospe in them so i decided to went to travel while they do the job...Never hoped to find this terrible surprise! I found a totally diferent kitchen...Maybe was my fault for not to be here and check the job, but also the manager confirmed me correctly understanding of proyect asured me than i had could be sure than at the moment of my return, i would find a surprise...oh speechless!

2 months ago

Are a lie

I hired they and all was fine till done the job, they changed the most of the pipe lines, but after few weeks i begun to watch some moisture stains and a littles drops of water in the floor so i called the manager and he come soon to check and promised me to fix the problem as soon as possible, but unfortunately he never fulfilled, never send any body never again atend my calls, i tried to find him in his office and nothing, so i hired else, and spend a lot due his irresponsibility.

2 months ago

Be careful with this company!

Unfortunately i had a big problem with a contract man from this company when i indicated than i not been happy the job that he been doing. He answered me with out loud and use a bad words and tried to hit me, and afther this moment i uped a complaint with his manager but, far away of support me about the misbehavior of his emploid, he accused me of attack to his worker.

2 months ago

"Newbies company"

during renovation time that i hired this company, a day found to their worker doing a wrong job, so at that moment i said him that stop and get out of my house till a speak with his manager, but him never answered, him never come, and at the end i had to hire some one else for fix the wrong work of this "newbies company"

2 months ago

Their clients pay by their mistakes

I bought my kitchen accessories before the renovation, they came and took measurements of everything, but when they brought the cabinets they didn't match, and the manager, instead of taking responsibility for the mistakes of his staff, mentioned that they had told him that I was who provided them with the measurements and despite my great displeasure at this big lie, he did nothing for me, I had to hire someone else to fix his mistakes.

3 months ago

Works with newbies

I hired them for the renovation of my room and bathroom, before, i spok with they perfectly about my proyect, i was very careful on details because i wished a perfect job, but the result was a dissaster, as i have been watching here, this company seem to be hiring just newbies, workers without experience and other than that the manager never atendt.

3 months ago

They sent people who seemed very unprofessional

They came to renovate one of my bathrooms and I was very dissatisfied, they sent people who seemed very unprofessional, they did everything in a hurry and left the work of very poor quality, and the manager never came to supervise.

3 months ago

They do a cheat budget

They budgeted all the kitchen apliances inside the proyect, but after instaled the cabinets just left the kitchen with the spaces, i uped a complain and their answer was that i took the luxury cabinet packet than not included the apliances...WTF!

3 months ago

They sabotaged the pipe lines

I hired them just for a change the ceiling old aparience,that´s all, i had my budget. When they came tried to convince me to change the pipe lines, electrical wiring and more, but i was firm. And supposedly they listen, but strangely after done the job, damp spots appeared, and when i asked them about that, just tried to convince me that they advertisment me about this inminent problem, but i did research and hired and expert, and he told me, that someone sabotaged the pipe lines.

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Jul 23, 2019
I highly would recommend anyone to stay clear of this company. Many law suits going in with this business. He will greet you with a happy smile and take all your hard worked money in the wash. I should post the court dates of the trials to take place with this company. I can't even call this a company it is a SCAM. Stay clear you have been warned.

Apr 11, 2019
There are some negative reviews on this site regarding DBD. I have seen the terrible quality workmanship, mess, and disphoric feelings one ex-employee (sub trade), who posted on this site, has created for the management of DBD West Coast Construction. When situations like this occur, it is not unusual to ask the subcontractor to fix the problem and withhold payment. Simply put, this individual continued to do inferior work while seeking to destroy the reputation of DBD He spoke highly of experience in the trades put was incapable and unable to perform to the high standard demanded by DBD management. Since this unfortunate setback, I have personal knowledge that, DBD management has in their employ tradesmen and labour who are able to deliver a high end finished product.

Mar 22, 2019
I've worked for DBD 3 years on off, mostly on. I like working for John. I believe in customer satisfaction and so does my boss, John. right now he has a great team working for him, all dedicated to quality work and customer satifaction. I hope to continue your associatio. And look forward to many great projects.

Mar 22, 2019
John from DBD West Coast Construction has had his difficulties with the quality of the workmanship of certain trades. Because John Ramos believes in integrity and an honest days work for an honest day's pay, he has received a few bad reviews from individuals who did inferior quality work. I was hired to fix some of these deficiencies, which I might add were considerable. I have been in the trades for 30 over years and am experience in carpentry, drywall boarding, back framing, taping, mudding and finishing. There are lots of individuals out there that claim to do renovations but quality workmanship is harder to find. Just like there are some bad trades there are some nightmare customers. I have, upon occasion, run across these individuals. I have seen John bend go the extra mile for a client, but I suspect the negative reviews are from individuals who are looking for a free ride.

Apr 9, 2019
My experience in dealing with the management of DBD Westcoast Construction has been positive and I love the fact, they are willing to give good value and service.

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